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“PM Modi Disappointed But Nitin Gadkari Helped”: Himachal Congress Chief

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'PM Modi disappointed, but Nitin Gadkari helped': Himachal Congress chief

Himachal Pradesh Congress chief alleged that Nitin Gadkari helped the state during the monsoon disaster


Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to help during Himachal Pradesh’s worst monsoon disaster but Union Minister Nitin Gadkari resolved most of the issues related to national highways in the state, Congress leader Pratibha Singh claimed today.

“Himachal faced the worst ever natural disaster during monsoons but no special financial support was provided by the Centre. The state government on its own gave a package of Rs 4,500 crore to provide relief to the affected people. This issue would be raised during the elections. she claimed.

“I met Prime Minister Narendra Modi and requested him for financial assistance for disaster relief. He said your Prime Minister had also met me and will do whatever is possible. I hoped that announcement would come but was disappointed,” Ms Singh said during the meeting. MP from Mandi Lok Sabha seat, told Press Trust of India.

However, she said Union Minister for Transport and Highways Gadkari was very helpful.

Ms Singh, who had earlier maintained that the workers are demoralised, today said: “The Congress workers are active and fully prepared for the elections and the party will win all the Lok Sabha seats and the Himachal by-elections.”

“We had won the Assembly elections and will win the Lok Sabha elections and the by-elections due to the strength of our workers who would go door to door and spread the word about the government’s achievements,” said Pratibha Singhh, wife of former chief minister Virbhadra. Singh and mother of Himachal Public Works Minister Vikramaditya Singh, said.

Earlier, Pratibha Singh had refused to contest the Lok Sabha elections, claiming that the situation on the ground was “not favourable” and the Congress workers were discouraged.

However, she later softened when the BJP announced Kangana Ranaut as its candidate from the Mandi Lok Sabha seat and said she would follow the directions of the Congress central leadership.

She also claimed that people want someone from Virbhadra’s family to contest these elections.

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