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Which Indian Apps Offer the Best Rewards for Bill Payments | How Can I Earn Cashback for My Bill Payment?

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Every month, you have to make some inevitable bill payments such as electricity, water, gas, mobile, broadband, DTH services, and subscriptions. Paying these bills is a routine financial obligation, but there is also hold a hidden opportunity to save some money on your bill payments and reduce the total bill amount by earning cashback in return.

A number of Indian apps have leveraged this aspect and offer rewards for making these bill payments through their platforms. These rewards can be in the form of cashback, gift vouchers, discounts and deals. This useful benefit transforms a regular expense into a chance to get extra value.

Considering this, you might now wonder, which Indian apps offer the best rewards for paying bills? Let’s find out.

Comparing different Indian apps and their rewards for bill payments

Let’s break down the reward structure of different Indian apps to help you choose the best one for your regular bill payments.

Best bill pay app Bill payment rewards
INDIE (by IndusInd Bank) You get exciting rewards from INDIE YOUniverse, a 3 tier loyalty program. You can select any of the following tiers – Star, Superstar or Megastar. You can earn up to 500 INDIE Gems in a month as a Megastar (50 Gems per bill payment) or up to 200 INDIE Gems in a month as a Superstar (25 Gems per bill payment).
The Gems can be redeemed for cashback as 1 INDIE Gem = ₹1.

Applicable Bill Payment Categories – Credit card, mobile postpaid, loan, insurance , electricity and FASTag


Visit – https://indie.indusind.com/indie/plan-and-charges.html for more information

PhonePe PhonePe rewards users with three types of rewards, i.e. cashback rewards, coupon rewards and offers rewards.
FreeCharge FreeCharge offers cashback on a wide range of bill payments and recharges, along with coupons for different brands.
MobiKwik MobiKwik offers cashback on bill payments, fashion stores, shopping, plane tickets, bus ticket booking, food and groceries.
BHIM UPI BHIM UPI provides cashback offers on fuel payments and also on electricity, water and gas bill payments.
Airtel Thanks Airtel Thanks app provides cashback on bill payments, recharges, and other transactions. You also enjoy Airtel Points that can be redeemed for various Airtel services and partner offers.

As you can see, among many, INDIE by IndusInd Bank offers maximum rewards for your transactions. Moreover, with INDIE YOUniverse, your rewards grow as you climb higher across its three distinct tiers:

  • INDIE Star Account
  • INDIE Super Star Account
  • INDIE Mega Star Account

Getting started is simple. First, open an online bank account with INDIE through a 100% digital process. Now, maintain the necessary average balance to progress from the INDIE Star to the INDIE Mega Star level. Also note that the more you use INDIE’s UPI handle or debit card for your transactions, the bigger the rewards you will unlock.

How can you earn cashback for bill payment? Useful tips and tricks

From linking the right online digital bank account with your app to using promo codes before making transactions, here are some tips to maximise your cashback earnings:

  • Download the best bill pay app: Different bill payment apps offer different cashback for utilities, mobile, or internet bills. Select the app that offers the most valuable rewards and highest cashback for the type of bills you usually pay.
  • Consolidate your payments: If possible, use a single platform for all your bill payments, such as electricity, mobile, water, subscriptions, etc. This can help you reach higher reward tiers more quickly.
  • Use promo codes: Many times, you get an option to apply a promo code before making a payment. These codes often offer higher bill payment rewards in the form of deals, discounts, and even cashback.
  • Bulk payments: When possible, pay multiple bills at once through the same platform to maximise cashback opportunities.
  • Review and adjust: Regularly review your bill payment patterns and the rewards you are earning. Adjust your strategy if you find more beneficial options or if your current platform changes its reward structure.

Key takeaways

Mentioned above were some of the Indian apps that offer rewards for bill payments. Each app offers a different reward structure and redemption options tailored to your needs. To maximise earnings, explore these platforms, remain updated on their offers, and choose the one that aligns best with your transaction habits and reward preferences.

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