Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo’s former LA townhouse hits the market for $900,000

A landmark Hollywood property, once home to some industry luminaries, including Marilyn Monroe and Greta Garbo, has been put up for sale at $900,000. This is decades after the iconic Hollywood property was used as a location for the sirens. 

Chateau Beachwood is a 10-unit French Normandy style complex that can be found near Beachwood Canyon’s Two Stone Gates entrance. It was once known as Hollywoodland. 

Before they went on to own luxury mansions of their own, iconic stars like Marilyn and Greta were housed in the 1930s townhouse by the film studios they worked with, which, in those days, often contracted actors and actresses to work solely on their projects.  

One of the two-bedroom units is now on the market for $899,000 to those who are interested in a piece of Hollywood history.

Chateau Beachwood has hit the market for $899,000, and is perfect for all those interested in owning a slice of old Hollywood history

Iconic Actress Marilyn Monroe Is Claimed To Have Lived In The Home

Greta Garbo Was Also Reportedly Housed In The Home By A Film Studio

The film studios that they worked with reportedly placed iconic stars like Marilyn Monroe (left), and Greta Garbo in stunning 1930s Hollywood townhouses.

Chateau Beachwood Is A 10-Unit French Normandy-Style Complex, And The Property Where Monroe Lived In Now On The Market

Chateau Beachwood is a French Normandy-style 10-unit complex. This property was home to Monroe.

In the Golden Age of Tinsel Town, film stars of the past would often find housing near their studios.

Monroe, Garbo, Marlene Dietrich and others reportedly found themselves in the idyllic complex while working on projects for studios.

Beachwood Canyon is convenient to many famous people, such as Humphrey Bogart and Kevin Bacon.

Thanks to its location in one of LA’s older areas, the neighborhood homes retain much of the atmosphere of the glamorous mid-century Hollywood era with the well-manicured lawns, huge willow trees and colorful gardens. 

According to the listing agent, Chateau Beachwood — located beneath the Hollywood sign — is the exact residence where Monroe once lived.

According to some reports, Madonna, Sean Penn and John Cusack were Chateau Beachwood residents in the years that followed.

The Two-Bedroom Property Is Drenched In Natural Light, And Both Feature Wedding Cake Relief Plasterwork

The property has two bedrooms and is filled with natural light. Both have wedding cake relief plasterwork.

The 1,199 Square Feet Unit Was Designed By Architect Walter C. King In 1936

Walter C. King designed the 1,199-square-foot unit in 1936.

The Town House Still Features Beautiful Green Magnesite Stairs

Marlene Dietrich Was Also Reportedly Housed In The 1930S Hollywood Townhouse By A Film Studio

The town house, where Marlene Dietrich (right) was also reportedly housed, still features beautiful green magnesite stairs

Elsewhere, The Bathroom Also Features A Striking Green Bathtub With A Matching Toilet, And Sink

The bathroom features a strikingly green bathtub and matching toilet.

The unit measures 1,199 square feet and was designed by Walter C. King in 1936. It is just a few blocks away from the Monastery of the Angels and Franklin Village, as well as The Hollywood Sculpture Gardens. 

Monroe’s townhouse has been updated in the years since she lived there, but still retains many features that today’s buyers would love, including the beautiful green magnesite stairs and the original Art Deco balustrade.

Each bedroom features a wedding cake relief plasterwork. The colorful bathroom boasts a walk in shower and original yellow-and-purple tilework.

In the bathroom, you will find a striking green bathtub along with a matching sink and toilet.

The property, which is drenched in light from the oversized casement windows, is currently available with Marlena Maidhof at ACME Real Estate.

Marilyn Monroe is the most famous star in Hollywood history. Her name, look and fame transcended the movie industry to make Marilyn Monroe a household icon before her tragic death at the age 36 in August 1962.

Monroe started her career with a six-month contract from FOX Studios. They didn’t want Monroe to be signed by RKO Pictures, their rivals. She Then, Columbia signed him briefly before he signed a seven year contract with Fox.

During this time, she became very frustrated with the quality work she was given. She also complained that she was still being paid less than other stars of her era. She fled to New York in 1954 to get away from the studio.

The Colorful Bathroom Has A Walk-In Shower And Original Yellow And Purple Tilework

The bathroom features a walk in shower, original yellow and purple tiles and a colorful design

Monroe’s Townhouse Has Been Updated In The Years Since She Lived There, But Still Retains Many Features That Today’s Buyers Would Love

Monroe’s townhouse has been updated in the years since she lived there, but still retains many features that today’s buyers would love

The Chic Property Benefits From Oversized Casement Windows

Large casement windows are a great feature of this chic property

The Complex Is Located Just A Few Blocks From The Monastery Of The Angels, Franklin Village And The Hollywood Sculpture Gardens

The complex is located just a few blocks from the Monastery of the Angels, Franklin Village and The Hollywood Sculpture Gardens

Fox awarded her a new contract in 1955 that included a salary increase to $100,000 per film. Unfortunately, she passed away before she could create a film for her company.

Greta Garbo was born in Sweden, and began appearing in commercials for women’s clothing shortly after graduating from college. Louis B. Meyer was her vice-president at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios in 1920s. She had a few roles in Sweden before she was discovered.

Meyer believed he was able to make her a huge star, and had her move to Hollywood. After her films’ success, Meyer had her move to Hollywood. This led to a contract dispute between MGM and the actress.

Garbo was actually threatening to return to Sweden. She eventually got a new deal that paid $270,000 per movie. It gave her unprecedented control and freedom over the roles and films she starred.

She She went on to be one of the most famous actresses of her era, but she was forced to retire in 1941 after appearing in 28 feature films over 16 years.

With Its Convenience To The Movie And Television Studios, Beachwood Canyon Has Been The Current Or Former Neighborhood For Many Celebrities Over The Years, Including Humphrey Bogart, Kevin Bacon And Anna Kendrick

Beachwood Canyon’s proximity to television and movie studios has made it a popular neighborhood for many famous people over the years.

Thanks To Its Location In One Of La’s Older Areas, The Neighborhood Homes Retain Much Of The Atmosphere Of The Glamorous Mid-Century Hollywood Era With The Well-Manicured Lawns, Huge Willow Trees And Colorful Gardens

Thanks to its location in one of LA’s older areas, the neighborhood homes retain much of the atmosphere of the glamorous mid-century Hollywood era with the well-manicured lawns, huge willow trees and colorful gardens

During Her Career, Monroe Famously Became Frustrated With The Quality Of Work She Was Being Given By Fox Studio And Often Took Issue With How Much She Was Being Paid During Her Sever Year Contract

Monroe was famously frustrated by the quality of Fox Studio’s work and was often upset at how much she was getting paid for her sever years contract.

Garbo Once Threatened To Return To Sweden In Order To Land A Record Contract With Mgm

Dietrich Became Paramount'S Answer To Greta Garbo And She Used This To Leverage Her Contract Terms

Garbo once threatened to return to Sweden in order to land a record contract with MGM, while Dietrich became Paramount’s answer to Garbo and used this to leverage her contract terms

Greta, who was most well-known for her roles in A Woman of Affairs and Anna Christie, Romance and Camille, died in 1990 after a 50-year private life in her New York apartment.

Marlene Dietrich, a German-born star, was a Hollywood icon. She was also a bisexual beauty whose intoxicating sex appeal has endured throughout the ages. 

In 1930’s Morocco, her first Hollywood movie for Paramount Pictures, she starred with Gary Cooper. She then appeared in several other movies including Blonde Venus (The Scarlet Empress) and The Devil Is A Woman (The Devil Is A Woman). 

Dietrich was Paramount’s answer to Greta Garbo. She leveraged this to get a contract that made her the highest-paid actress in the 1930s. She Paris, at the age 90, died from kidney failure. 

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