Apple Watch 4 release date, price, news and features

<pre><pre>Apple Watch 4 release date, price, news and features

Apple has just announced the successor of the Apple Watch 3 live on stage at the launch of the iPhone XS and we're ready to hear everything that will come on Apple's next smartwatch.

It is called the Apple Watch 4 and it is set to play a lot of new specifications and a completely new design. We will share all the information we learn on the next stage, but stay with us while it breaks now, so it will take some time …

Apple confirmed today (again) on the stage that the Apple Watch is the number one watch in the world, so we expect some major upgrades for the fourth edition.

Cut to the chase

  • What is Apple Watch 4? The next generation Apple smartwatch
  • When is Apple Watch 4 off? Launches today (September 12) with estimated date of release of September 21 or September 28
  • What does it cost? Probably more than $ 329 / £ 329 / AU $ 459

Apple Watch 4 release date

We do not know at the moment when the Apple Watch 4 will be launched, but we expect that this will be the coming weeks. We hope to know more about this by the end of the show.

Apple Watch 4 price

The price information for the Apple Watch 4 has yet to be confirmed, but we hope to learn more about this in the coming hours.

Apple Watch 4 design and display

Figure 1 of 3

Figure 2 of 3

Figure 3 of 3

The Apple Watch 4 looks like the last few generations, but this is perhaps the most important design change for the portable series.

There is an edge-to-edge display on the watch that has 30% more screen than the Apple Watch 3. The sizes are now 40 mm and 44 mm, which is different than the 38 mm and 42 mm we have seen at all. previous versions of the Apple Watch Just look.

Apple has introduced a series of new complications on the dial that can provide both more information and app information from third parties.

A dial made by Apple comes with room for eight different complications so you can pack it full of details. There is a new set of dials that also works with the Breathe app features.

The Digital Crown now has haptic feedback, so you can expect it to vibrate when you use certain apps. It is also just a small red ring on the outside instead of the whole red color on the Apple Watch 3.

We still have to learn material or color choices, and there is no word about what belts you can buy in the Series 4. Whether you can use straps from earlier Apple Watch products is still unclear.

Apple Watch 4 specs and functions

The loudspeaker in the watch is 50% louder than the last generation, which will be especially useful with the new Walkie-Talkie function within watchOS 5. Apple has also moved the microphone, which in its own words makes the phone clearer.

The back of the watch is made of black ceramic that allows mobile waves to pass through both the back and the front of the watch. Apple thinks this will improve the mobile connection.

It runs on a new S4 processor that is a 64-bit dual-core processor, but exactly what makes that new technology possible is unclear. Apple says it can perform 2x faster.

With a new accelerometer and gyroscope, the company says it can now use the watch to detect when you fall. That means that it will be able to follow when you have fallen and even call to give you an option to call the emergency services directly from your wrist.

If you have not moved for a minute, it even calls the emergency services themselves. It comes with a mobile option and both variants of the watch have a Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

Apple Watch 4 fitness

Fitness upgrades are limited on Watch 4, but there is one remarkable change.

The biggest upgrade is an electrocardiogram function. That is a test that you will probably know as ECG, and this means that you can take a test wherever you are. You hold the button on the crown to start the test and you can see all your results within the app.

Apple thinks this is essential information for your doctor if you have heart problems. This is not a feature for everyone, but for some users it is an upgrade for changing game, making it a must-have smartwatch

The function has FDA clearance, but it does not sound like it will be available immediately at the launch. It should be on the lookout later this year.

It will also be able to follow your low heart rate and give you a notification so that you know if something is wrong. It can also screen your heart rhythm in the background and it will notify you of irregular heart rates that may identify atrial fibrillation.

All other health functions from earlier Apple Watch devices are returning here, so you have a heart rate monitor, GPS, swimming and much more.

Apple Watch 4 battery life

Apple claims that the product has a similar battery as the latest generation watch. This probably means that it will consist of a single load for a whole day, but the company claims that it will improve for your outdoor activities.

On stage, the company claimed that it will have a battery life of six hours if you use GPS to track your outdoor exercises.

Previous Apple Watch 4 rumors

Below are all the rumors about the Apple Watch 4 that we had heard before the event and we will leave them here while we update the official information at the top of this article.

Latest Apple Watch 4 leak

According to the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will introduce ceramic backs and ECG / EKG support in its 2018 Apple Watch line-up. More information about these predictions can be found here.

As previously reported, it is assumed that the Apple Watch 4 will not change in both models of 42 mm or 38 mm. Instead, the watch is expected to have an edge-to-edge display and a larger resolution, which means it should be able to fit more complications on its small watch.

Based on information from 9to5mac, the new resolution on the 42 mm larger Apple Watch 4 is probably 384 x 480. If we compare this with the resolution of 312 x 390 on the Apple Watch 3 of 42 mm, it apparently lends the credibility of the theory that the Apple Watch 4 screen is 15% larger than last year's watch.

Apple Watch 4

The Apple Watch 4 (Photo Credit: 9to5Mac)

(Image: © 9to5Mac)

The first official-looking Apple Watch 4 image also gives us an idea of ​​the biggest highlight 9to5Mac: a larger screen within what looks like the same cabinet dimensions (42 mm and 38 mm).

Since the leak, 9to5Mac writer Guilherme Rambo has shared how he found the images. Rambo said: "They came from the summary of the website of the special event, I used the URL pattern of the last event and recommended the names of the device, Apple took them immediately after we had published it."

If that is true, it seems that the leaked image above is the real Apple Watch 4.

If you look at another existing Apple Watch, you'll see a large number of edges around the edge where the screen stops and a larger black border remains. Apple seems to have lost this in the image above and has given us more screen instead.

Apple Watch 4 release date

Apple Watch 4

Apple Watch 4 will almost certainly be announced during the launch event of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on Wednesday 12 September. That is later today, and you can watch the event live here.

There are clear signs that it comes alongside the iPhone XS, including tips in Apple's iOS 12 beta. This software refers to four new Apple Watch models (probably two sizes and LTE / non-LTE models).

There is also evidence for the forthcoming arrival in the form of an EEC (Eurasian Economic Commission) list for six unknown Apple Watch models. These are probably the Apple Watch 4, especially since it is said that they use watchOS 5.

September 12 makes sense – Apple announced the third iteration of its smartwatch on September 12, 2017 (which came out on September 22) and the Apple Watch 2 was released a year earlier in September 2016.

Do you want to become more specific? Apple likes to launch new products on Friday, so expect pre-orders on Friday, September 14 and an actual release date in stores on Friday, September 21 or Friday, September 28. It may depend on when the iPhone XS is ready to be launched in stores.

Apple Watch 4 price

There is no word about the price of the Apple Watch Series 4, but it will probably be about the same as the Apple Watch 3 is currently, which means a starting price of about £ 329 / $ 329 / AU $ 459 for the smaller 38 mm version.

That said, the Apple Watch 3 actually had a lower launch price than the Apple Watch 2, so with all the additional technology likely to be found in the Apple Watch 4, the price could go up or down.

Please note that the price mentioned above is only the starting cost. If you opt for the larger 42 mm band or opt for LTE connectivity, the Apple Watch 3 becomes more expensive, just like choosing a more expensive bag or band material. All this probably remains true for the Apple Watch 4.

Apple Watch 4 design and display

Apple Watch 3

A trusted analyst with an earlier history of predicting Apple products, as proposed in March, the Apple Watch 4 would undergo a major design review and now we've heard the same from a trusted Apple source.

So far, every generation of the Apple Watch has a screen size of 38 mm or 42 mm, but KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says to believe that the Apple Watch 4 will have a 15% larger screen. That has since been supported by a report from the familiar Apple reporter Mark Gurman in Bloomberg and the leaked photo above on this page.

Kuo also reported in July 2018 that the screen will have a 1.57-inch screen while the larger version will be 1.78 inches. The Apple Watch 3 comes with a 1.31-inch or 1.54-inch display.

A concept artist has also compiled the diagram below to show how the added screen dimensions can resemble the final product.

A similar story about the screen comes from a source who believes that the Apple Watch 4 will have an edge-to-edge view that is larger than that on the Apple Watch 3. It also claims that you can continue using your existing bands, so we expect the body of the watch to look very similar to the Apple Watch 3.

The Watch 3 has a lot of frame on the outside of the screen, so we expect that the company has downsized this to fit into the extra screen.

That said, Kuo's first report suggests that the company will include a larger battery in the Apple Watch 4, which probably means that the body of the watch must be at least a bit larger to press the larger cell.

Kuo also notes that the design of the Apple Watch 4 will be "more trendy", but exactly what the analyst means by this is not entirely clear, so we will have to wait for images leak to find out more about the look.

We had seen it for Kuo's comments a patent for a self-adjusting watch band. This would involve a mechanism that would expand and contract the belt as needed so that the fit remains comfortable at all times and is not too loose, which can also ensure accurate measurement of the sensors on the watch.

The Apple Watch 4 can have a belt that adjusts itself. Credit: Apple Insider

The Apple Watch 4 can have a belt that adjusts itself. Credit: Apple Insider

It is unlikely that this happens on the Apple Watch 4, but we have also seen an Apple patent for a round screen with smartwatch. And in 2016 we saw another patent pending by the company for a round smartwatch, so we can see that circular design on some future generations of the wearable.

Apple Watch 4 features and specifications

One leak suggests that Apple will use faster, more versatile circuit boards for its antenna. This is again according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who speculates that it will mean a more stable LTE signal and better resistance to heat and moisture.

Rumors about watchOS 5 (more information below) originally suggested that the upgrades to the operating system will use the LTE signal much more regularly, so it makes sense if the company plans to update it to a faster antenna.

However, WWDC 2018 (where watchOS 5 was unveiled) showed no new connectivity features, so we may have to wait until the Apple Watch 4 hears about it.

A change that we can predict is the chipset, with a new Apple S4 that is likely to be included, although we do not yet know how much difference that will make.

Regarding new features on the watch, one patent suggests that you can unlock your watch simply by looking at it.

Apple patents show that the company may bring a Face ID camera to make a future wearable safer … but that is not visible in the leaks we've seen for the Apple Watch 4.

That would mean that you can simply look at your watch to unlock it and avoid having to enter an annoying PIN code to use certain functions. Moreover, it would be a lot easier to make FaceTime calls quickly from your wrist

Apple Watch 4 fitness

One report from the end of 2017 suggests that the Watch 4 could receive an upgraded heart rate tracker for the first time that could embrace the EKG technology.

EKGs, also known as ECGs or electrocardiograms, are more advanced than a standard heart rate monitor and offer more in-depth information by using power surges to analyze your heart's behavior.

The rumor comes from Bloomberg (who spoke to people who were familiar with Apple Watch 4 plans), but the site also spoke with a cardiologist at the University of California who said the function is not intended for people who have no heart problems.

The cardiologist went so far as to say whether you are a "healthy person", "there is no reason to follow the ECG activity".

There also is a older patent for a wearable that can measure your respiratory rate, which may be a feature on the Apple Watch 4, but given that we will see further leaks about the function, it may be something that is included in a future wearable such as the Watch 5.

You can expect the return of fitness features we've seen on the Apple Watch 3, including the top-end heart rate monitor and GPS technology, as well as the ability to follow your swim with the water-resistant design.

Apple Watch 4 OS and battery

It is almost guaranteed that the Apple Watch 4 will use the newly announced watchOS 5 software, which will include upgrades to fitness functions, the Siri dial and much more. You can learn all about the new watchOS 5 functions here.

One report said that the new software will bring something called StreamKit, which would enable a Spotify app on Apple Watch. That would be a big problem for those who do not use Apple Music – but we did not reveal that on WWDC during watchOS 5.

It may be that StreamKit comes later – maybe next to the Apple Watch 4 – or we have to wait for watchOS 6 to hear about it.

StreamKit is said to be a framework that is set up behind the scenes to allow mobile versions of the Apple Watch to receive push notifications from apps. That would mean that your Facebook or Twitter messages can get right at your wrist, and it is a next step towards a fully functioning phone replacement.

Another report (from 9To5Mac) found in some watchOS 4.3.1 beta codes a suggestion that the company might be ready to allow watch watches from third parties in the next version of the Watch software.

If that is the case, it means that many more developers will be able to create watch faces for the Apple Watch and hopefully there will be many more innovations and experiments than what we've seen in the past. That said, it was not announced during WWDC, so this has yet to be confirmed.

What we want to see

Although exact details about the Apple Watch 4 remain a mystery for the time being, the things we want are not puzzling at all. In fact, they are exactly below these words.

1. Android compatibility

If the Android from Android Watch 4 supports Android, this would have a broader appeal

If the Android from Android Watch 4 supports Android, this would have a broader appeal

We know this is highly unlikely, but would not it be great? It would also ensure that the Apple Watch matches Android Wear in one of the few areas where this is not yet the case, as Android Wear offers limited compatibility with iOS devices.

It is understandable that Apple would only want to make its watch work with other Apple devices because it keeps people in its ecosystem – you will not switch to an Android phone if you already have an Apple Watch.

But that can also deter someone who does not want to enter into a long-term commitment with Apple, and it completely excludes that everyone who currently uses an Android phone has one of the best smartwatches on the market.

2. Even better battery life

The Apple Watch 3 actually has a fairly good battery life, at least according to the smartwatch standards, which easily lasts for at least two days if you do not use LTE.

But that leaves a lot of room for improvement. Many fitness trackers last about a week or longer and of course a conventional watch lasts for years.

It is unrealistic to expect the Apple Watch 4 to do the same, but any gains will be appreciated and make it seem less downgrading your analog watch in that area.

Improvements can also make sleep tracking more cost-effective, since you can probably connect your Watch at night.

3. More fitness functions

The Watch 3 is a good fitness watch, the Apple Watch 4 could be great

The Watch 3 is a good fitness watch, the Apple Watch 4 could be great

The Apple Watch has become more and more a health and fitness device over the years and that is now one of the most important selling points, but there is still room for improvement here.

Much of this will be handled by apps and software updates, but we would like to see more health and fitness skills from the actual Apple Watch 4 hardware, such as sensors that can monitor your breathing speed and blood oxygen levels.

4. Better Siri

One of our few complaints in our Apple Watch 3 review was about the transience of Siri. If it works, it's great, but sometimes commands are not heard or interpreted properly, and things like that can get rid of people completely, because if you do not succeed, you'd usually do things faster.

So we want Siri to work better on the Apple Watch 4. That is probably an obstacle to software or connectivity, which could mean that improvements also reach older models.

Another option is that Apple will improve the microphone so that Siri can hear us better, but that is not really the main problem we encountered on the Apple Watch 3.

5. Improved performance

Apple has upgraded the Apple Watch 3 chipset, but it's still not as fast as we'd like, especially when it comes to app loading, which is often not immediate.

Most of the time, the whole purpose of the Apple Watch is to be a faster and easier alternative to getting out of your phone, but if you wait for apps to be loaded, that's probably not the case.

So we hope that the chipset in the Apple Watch 4 – which is probably called the Apple S4 – offers the kind of smooth performance we get with an iPhone 8 or iPhone X.

6. A round option

Not everyone wants a square watch, so we would like to see a round option

Not everyone wants a square watch, so we would like to see a round option

On the scale of things that are going to happen, this scores far above Android compatibility but among most other things.

Apple seems happy with the design of the Watch and has not really changed it in the different versions it has released so far, so we do not expect a new design to come soon, let alone a completely different screen shape.

But having a circle as an option would be fun. Conventional watches often have a round face, like many Android Wear watches, so to attract more buyers, it would be logical to offer the choice.

The problem is that this should slightly rework the interface, which Apple probably does not want to do.

7. Heart rate insights

The heart rate monitor in the Apple Watch 3 is quite impressive because it can keep track of things like your heart rate ranges during exercise, your heart rate variation and your daily resting heart rate, as well as your beats per minute, but it does not do much with the information.

It would be good if the Apple Watch 4 – or a software update of previous models – adds insights into what these statistics actually mean and how you can influence them, because that would make some graphs really useful information.

Since WatchOS 4 already offers the possibility to poke you to be more active at moments that come in handy, you use these heart rate data to make you feel fitter (by advising slightly longer walks or congratulating you on lowering your resting heart rate) with reasons it happened) would be excellent.

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