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Air Force Aircraft Operate From Emergency Landing Facility In J&K

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Air Force aircraft are operating from an emergency landing facility in J&K

The Defense Ministry said a large number of troops were airlifted. (Representative)

New Delhi:

As part of the ongoing exercise Gagan Shakti-24, Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft recently operated from the Emergency Landing Facility (ELF) in the northern sector in the Kashmir Valley, the Defense Ministry said on Thursday.

The ministry said a large number of troops were airlifted and then landed from the air overnight using Chinook, Mi-17 V5 and ALH Mk-III helicopters.

“IAF also plans to conduct similar exercises in coordination with State Governments for activation of ELFs in other sectors. Various IAF fixed and rotary wing platforms will conduct coordinated landings and operations at this ELF, which requires proper planning and coordination with the civil administration. using the Whole-of-the-Nation-Approach (WNA),” the Ministry of Defense said.

Emergency Landing Facility operations provide IAF aircraft with the opportunity to conduct operations from such limited landing surfaces while also allowing them to conduct humanitarian assistance in disaster relief operations in times of natural disasters to provide relief and assistance.

“The ability to operate on these stretches of highway at night and the ability to transfer troops from such surfaces will significantly enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian Armed Forces,” the ministry said in a statement.

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