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Arunachal’s Porters – Vital Links Between Polling Parties, Electors

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Arunachal's Porters - Vital links between polling agents and voters

The counting of votes for the Assembly elections will be on June 2 and for Lok Sabha on June 4. (Representative)


A remnant of the British Raj, the Auxiliary Labor Corps (ALCs), also known as porters, still serve as a crucial link between election staff and people in Arunachal Pradesh as they are tasked with delivering voting materials, ration items and transporting EVMs to remote transport areas. of the mountainous state, officials said. This time around 3,000 ALCs are being deployed to help polling agents reach the 228 polling booths in the state, which they say are almost inaccessible.

“We depend on them to transport election materials to inaccessible polling stations where foot marching is required,” said chief election officer Pawan Kumar Sain.

As they traverse the rugged and almost inaccessible areas of the state, ALCs serve as a bridge between the government and the people and ensure that the electoral process runs smoothly, said Joint Chief Electoral Officer Liken Koyu.

The ALCs were first appointed by the British to transport equipment. After Arunachal Pradesh attained statehood in 1987, regular appointment of ALCs was stopped. They are now being recruited temporarily.

Services of ALCs are needed in the transportation of Public Distribution System (PDS) materials and opening of new administrative centers during polls, Koyu said.

In 2019, the elections office hired 2,100 ALCs, while 1,400 were deployed during the 2014 elections, officials said.

“This time around 3,000 ALCs will be deployed to assist polling staff at 228 polling stations in the state,” he said. Moreover, casual labor would also be deployed to assist election staff.

The ALCs will be deployed by the respective District Election Officers (DEO) depending on the requirement, Koyu added.

The announcement of results is being delayed at several places as EVMs are transported to the counting centers by ALCs, which usually involves more than three days of arduous trekking.

Arunachal Pradesh has 228 remote and virtually inaccessible polling stations, where election officials have to undertake long journeys on foot.

Of these, 61 require a two-day hike, while seven require a three-day trek.

In response to the logistical challenges, the state electoral apparatus has planned to deploy a minimum of four ALCs to each of the 228 polling stations, Koyu said, acknowledging the crucial role played by the unsung heroes in facilitating the democratic process in the state.

Arunachal Pradesh will go to the polls for two Lok Sabha and 60 constituencies simultaneously on April 19.

The counting of votes for the Assembly elections would take place on June 2 and for Lok Sabha on June 4.

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