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6-Time MP Spoke About ‘Constitution Change’, BJP Changes Him As Candidate

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Six-time MP spoke of 'constitutional amendment', BJP changes him as candidate


Anantkumar Hegde is a six-time BJP MP from Uttara Kannada district

New Delhi:

By denying a poll card to a six-time MP from Karnataka, weeks after his comments on the BJP’s 400-seat target sparked a row, the party has once again sent a message that leaders who embarrass the leadership with ready-made clear comments miss opportunities.

Anantkumar Hegde, BJP MP from Karnataka, won the Uttara Kannada Lok Sabha seat six times in the last 28 years, with four consecutive victories. Mr Hegde, a repeat offender when it comes to controversial speeches, created a political storm earlier this month when he claimed that the BJP’s aim to win 400 Lok Sabha seats is aimed at amending the Constitution.

He accused the Congress of amending the Constitution to “oppress Hindus” and said at a rally that there is a need to “rewrite” the Constitution. “If the Constitution needs to be changed – Congress has fundamentally distorted the Constitution by forcefully inserting unnecessary things into it, especially by introducing laws aimed at oppressing Hindu society – if all this needs to be changed , it is not possible with this (current) majority,” the BJP MP said.

“If we think this is possible because Congress is not there in Lok Sabha and (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi has a two-third majority in Lok Sabha, and we remain silent, then it is not possible,” he said, stressing that the party needs a two-thirds majority in Rajya Sabha and also in the states.

While the Opposition criticized the BJP for its MP’s comments, the party distanced itself, saying Mr Hegde’s comments “are his personal views”. The writing on the wall was clear: the six-time MP lost his seat. It is learned that he lobbied hard but the decision was made.

Mr Hegde’s replacement in the BJP stronghold is Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri, a six-time MLA who has also served as Speaker of the Karnataka Assembly and Minister of State.

The BJP’s selection of candidates this time shows a clear pattern: leaders known for their hate speeches and controversial comments are a strict no-no. Before Hegde, women leader Pragya Singh Thakur and Delhi MPs Ramesh Bidhuri and Parvesh Sahib Singh Verma lost the elections despite being sitting MPs.

A party leader had earlier told WhatsNew2Day that while winnability is important, the party also looks closely at candidates who have embarrassed the leadership by making provocative statements.

“Denying tickets to them sends a message that decorum must be maintained in public life. In the past, the Prime Minister has repeatedly warned party leaders against making controversial statements,” the BJP leader had said.

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