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5-Year-Old Girl Rescued Within 12 Hours Of Kidnapping Near Mumbai: Cops

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5-year-old girl rescued within 12 hours of kidnapping near Mumbai: Police

The girl was reunited with her parents after a medical examination, police said (Representative)


In a swift action, police rescued a five-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped by two women from Mumbai’s Bhandup suburb with the intention of selling her, just 12 hours after the crime took place, an official said on Monday.

Four women, two of whom were directly involved in the kidnapping of the minor, were arrested from Balkum area of ​​neighboring Thane city and the girl was later reunited with her family, he said.

The accused women planned to sell the girl for financial benefits. After the abduction from Mumbai, the child was kept with two of the four women, both of whom stayed in Thane, the official said.

The incident took place on Sunday evening when the girl went to buy balloons for Holi celebrations. When she didn’t get home until late that evening, her parents became concerned and frantically searched for their daughter, he said.

Some residents of the area in suburban Bhandup saw the girl going in an auto-rickshaw with two women. One of them, later identified as Khushboo Gupta, is staying in the same locality, the official said.

The girl’s parents approached Bhandup police station and filed a complaint, based on which a case of kidnapping was registered.

Police launched a search for the girl and arrested Gupta. During interrogation, she admitted that she along with another woman, Maina Dillod, kidnapped the girl by promising to buy her a chocolate and took her to Thane, the official said.

The girl was taken to Balkum in Thane city where she was held along with the other two women. Therefore, a police team conducted a search in Balkum on Monday morning and rescued the girl just 12 hours after she was kidnapped, he said.

Police arrested the two women from Thane, Divya Singh and Payal Shah, for their involvement in the entire kidnapping, the official said.

The girl was reunited with her parents after medical examination.

The arrested women were produced before a court which remanded them in custody till Friday, the official added.

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