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35-year-old Farmer Trampled To Death By Wild Elephant In Telangana

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35-year-old farmer trampled to death by wild elephant in Telangana

The forest rangers have cordoned off the entire area. (Representative)


A 35-year-old farmer died after being attacked by a wild elephant in Telangana’s Kumaram Bheem Asifabad district on Wednesday, the forest department said.

The incident took place on the outskirts of Burepalli village in Chinthalamanepally mandal of the district when the victim was working in agriculture, they said.

“For the first time, a wild elephant entered Telangana from Maharashtra… there are no wild elephants in Telangana. It appears that a herd of 70-75 elephants is moving along the other side of the Pranahita River in Maharashtra .One of the elephants… a male tusker, got lost in Telangana by crossing Pranahita,” a senior forest department official told news agency PTI.

“Our counterparts in Maharashtra had informed us in advance about the movement (of elephants) and we have been keeping an eye on them. We had requested the villagers not to venture that way. Despite our warning, one person had gone to the field where he was attacked by the elephant and died,” the official said.

The forest officials have cordoned off the entire area to ensure that the elephant does not enter the village, he said.

“…if the elephant does not return tonight, we will have to chase it away tomorrow,” the official added.

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