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Xiaomi 13 Ultra: The launch date has been set – the manufacturer shows the first image of the Leica camera – WhatsNew2Day


The Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be similar to the design of the 12S Ultra and will again have a round camera module. (Image: Xiaomi)

Xiaomi announced via their Twitter account that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be revealed in a reveal event on April 18th to introduce. The event will take place in Beijing and the Chinese manufacturer is already showing the first picture of the new top smartphone.

In line with the partnership with the German camera manufacturer Leica, the camera will be the main focus of the event. The motto is “A shot above” and could be a reference to a powerful telephoto camera.

Design is based on the Xiaomi 12S Ultra

While the other smartphones in Xiaomi’s 13 series had square camera modules, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have a round one that closely resembles the design of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra.

This made headlines last year because it had a large 1-inch image sensor and was developed together with Leica.

It will be interesting to see what innovations Xiaomi and Leica have put into the 13 S Ultra. If you consider that the predecessors were already packed with features, this will not necessarily be an easy task.

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These features include, for example, the large 1-inch sensor, 10-bit raw files, a complex lens with eight lens elements and a telephoto lens inspired by classic Leica portrait lenses.

The technical data of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra are not yet known, but some photos taken with the cell phone have already been published.

From the metadata of these images and from Twitter users “polishing” Xiaomi’s teaser image, we know that the phone has a Focal length range from 12 to 120 mm (full frame equivalent) will have and the Aperture from F1.8 to F3.0 will do. This will probably not be variable, since the sample photos only have the three apertures F1.8, F1.9 and F3.0.

The direct predecessor, the 12S Ultra, even had a prototype with an M bayonet for mounting Leica lenses. However, it is very likely that such a smartphone will remain just a concept.

The 12S Ultra is officially only launched in China. Xiaomi has now confirmed that the successor, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra expected for April 18th, will be released globally.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s plans? Which camera features are most important to you in a smartphone and do you think that the Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have a chance against the current top dogs from Apple, Samsung and Google? Is the camera the most important feature of a smartphone for you or what do you value most? Let us know what you think about it in the comments!

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