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“Will Spoil Atmosphere”: Rape Survivor Stopped From Taking Class 12 Boards

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'Will spoil the atmosphere': Rape survivor banned from taking Class 12 boards

The girl has filed a complaint with the child welfare commission. (Representative)


A class 12 student in Rajasthan has alleged that her school did not let her appear for board exams after she was gang-raped last year. The student alleged in her complaint that the school officials told her that the “atmosphere would be spoiled” if she appeared for the exam.

However, the private school in Ajmer claims that they did not issue an admit card to the student as she had not attended classes for four months.

The matter came to light when the student approached a teacher from another school, who advised her to call the child helpline number. Ajmer’s Child Welfare Commission (CWC) has filed a case and will take necessary action after the investigation.

CWC president Anjali Sharma said she had spoken to the student about the entire incident. She said while the investigation is ongoing, their priority is to ensure the girl can take the exams she missed in March.

The student was raped by her uncle and two other men in October last year. She told Anjali Sharma that the school had then suggested her to study from home as her coming to school could “spoil the atmosphere”. She agreed and had been preparing for her board exams at home.

When she went to collect her admit card, she was told that she was no longer a student of the school. She then realized that the school had denied her entry immediately after her rape because the parents of other students objected to her presence.

“When I spoke to the girl, she told me that she was dejected as she is a bright student. She had scored 79% in her class 10 exams,” Anjali Sharma told WhatsNew2Day.

“The girl could have done well if she had appeared for her twelfth board, but she could have lost a year due to the negligence of the school,” she added.

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