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“Will Never Go To BJP Even If They Offer…”: Siddaramaiah

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'Will never go to the BJP even if they offer...': Siddaramaiah

Siddaramaiah said that Shudras-Dalits and women will not be allowed in the RSS sanctum sanctorum.


Prime Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday said he will never join the BJP even if he is offered the post of president or prime minister of the country.

While speaking at the meeting of SC-ST activists and leaders held at the District Congress office to seek votes for Lok Sabha candidate M. Laxman, the CM said political power comes only when we have ideological clarity . People should not fall for BJP-RSS. Shudras-Dalits and women are not allowed in the RSS sanctum sanctorum.

“Deve Gowda, who had said he would leave the country if Modi became Prime Minister, now says he has an inseparable bond with Modi. He also said that politicians should have ideological clarity,” Siddaramaiah added.

The Karnataka Chief Minister further said that BJP and RSS are against social justice. That’s why they don’t like reservations. Reservations are not a handout. It is the right of the oppressed communities. Reservation must exist as long as the caste system exists in the society.

The CM said, “Before Independence and the British period, did we, the Shudras, have the right to study? Did women have any rights? A woman had to immediately burn herself alive after the death of her husband. Such inhuman practices inspired by Manusmriti were prohibited by our Constitution.That is why they want to bring back the Manusmirthi by making changes in the Constitution.The CM appealed to the people to understand this clearly.

Shudras, Dalits and women are not allowed in the sanctum sanctorum. Senior BJP leaders like Nanje Gowda and BJP leader Gulihatti Shekhar have also openly said that they were not allowed to enter the sanctum sanctorum of the RSS. This is the truth. The Shudras are just being used. Therefore, Shudras, Dalits and women should not join RSS, he said.

The CM asked, ‘Shouldn’t we criticize the JDS which has now joined hands with the RSS? The Congress has passed the law to allocate money in the budget for the Dalit people. Our government has issued a law that requires 24.1 percent of development funds to be set aside. This progressive law has not been implemented by any BJP government in the country. Only our Congress government has done this. He also said that the community should be aware of all these facts.

Mr. Siddaramaiah said that it was our Congress government that included reservations for Dalits in contracts. Isn’t it the same BJP that opposed the Mandal Report and reservation for backward classes? The SCP/TSP Act was passed by the Congress government. Therefore, the CM appealed to the people to let Congress candidate M. Laxman win, instead of supporting those who provoke them emotionally and threaten the lives of the poor.

Social Welfare Minister HC Mahadevappa, KPCC working president Tanveer Seth, Lok Sabha candidate Laxman and leaders of KPCC’s SC/ST wing were present on the stage.

Karnataka will hold elections for 28 constituencies in two phases on April 26 and May 7. The general elections to 543 Lok Sabha seats will be held in seven phases from April 19 with counting taking place on June 4.

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