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WhatsNew2Day Yuva: Sidharth Malhotra On Prepping For Yodha, Mental Health And More

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NDTV Yuva: Sidharth Malhotra on preparing for Yodha, mental health and more


Sidharth Malhotra at WhatsNew2Day Yuva event

New Delhi:

Bollywood star Sidharth Malhotra, whose recent release Yodha is doing well at the box office, spoke about the challenges he faced while shooting for action sequences, his penchant for portraying real-life heroes on screen and dealing with mental health during WhatsNew2Day’s mega conclave Yuva – Youth For Change in New Delhi Today. When asked about his preparation before shooting an action scene, especially the scenes shot on a plane in his recent film Yodhathe Shershaa star told WhatsNew2Day, “It’s not easy to pretend in front of the camera, sometimes with dialogues, but when you do an action, whatever action it may be, it has to look convincing. So specifically for Yodha, you had to look and training as a commando and it was something that didn’t happen overnight. We had an action team that trained you months in advance. Personally, I wanted to get leaner like most of our current commandos, so I lost weight for it character.”

He continued: “Personally, I like to be more physically active. I get all excited when I don’t sweat during the day. For me, it’s very important to be convincing as a character. We wanted to push the boundaries of action, from hand to hand hand. fight.”

When asked if he performed the action stunts Yodha Sidharth Malhotra himself chuckled and said, “All the stunts in it Yodha I am all. There wasn’t a lot of CGI used in the film.”

Talking about dealing with mental health as an actor, Sidharth said, “We have deadlines and give exams every Friday (at the box office). Stress is something unavoidable, but you have to stay in your lane, as soon as you start looking left or right. you’re a second late. Focusing on yourself is the most important thing.”

“I would be an adventure sports trailer or a coach if I was an actor,” the actor also revealed during his conversation with WhatsNew2Day.

When asked to leave a message for the youngsters who want to make a name for themselves in the film industry, Sidharth called back to his earlier days in the film industry, when he had to work as an assistant director for two years before landing his debut film in Student Of The Year . . He said, “You have to have a strong head because you wouldn’t have the answer to everything. It’s what you can still control and how you can make the most of it. If you keep at it, one day your obstacles will turn into an opportunity.”

Speaking on WhatsNew2Day’s Yuva – Youth For Change mega: Union Youth Minister Anurag Thakur was the chief guest at the event and spoke about harnessing the power of youth in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The event also included discussions with Bollywood actors Alaya F, Sidharth Malhotra, singer Jasleen Royal and panel discussions with social media influencers Divija Bhasin and Dr. Cuterus.

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