What Can Gaming Learn from the Online Casino Industry to Stay Relevant?


There is a lot of talk about what the future of gaming could look like. We’ve moved away from console gaming vs PC gaming as the major forms of gaming entertainment and moved towards alternatives that have a wider appeal. But gaming is a huge industry with heavy competition. However, one genre that is undeniably thriving is the online casino sector. So, what can gaming learn from the online casino industry to ensure it remains relevant?

One of the major pulls of the online casino industry is how much the gameplay options appeal to different people. As the range of online casino slot games shows, there are no limits to the topics that can be covered and wrapped up in slot gameplay. Slot games can be based around themes that work with the gameplay of luck and finding objects of value as the fishing-themed Big Boss Bonanza, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow-inspired Slots O’ Gold, and the gold rush Diamond Mine Megaways show.

This can help inform gaming based on the level of gameplay that can be rolled out to appeal to a wider audience. Diehard gamers enjoy first-person shooter games, action games, and fighting melee games. But newer audiences, such as middle-aged women who were drawn to the puzzle games of Candy Crush Saga and Angry Birds, are unlikely to be interested. So, gaming should continue to both appeal to its core audience of guaranteed gamers as well as those who might be newer to gaming.


Online casino sites have mostly also ensured that they can be played on a range of devices. As well as the standard desktop games, most sites have tablet and mobile versions. Some even have an app that players can download. The benefit of this form of gaming is that there is no need to purchase any hardware to engage with the games. Downloading the app or loading the browser is actually free, so unlike other games, there is no cost upfront to simply log onto the game. Plus, many online casino sites offer free spins on some of their most popular games to allow players to try them out.

So, other forms of gaming should look to reduce some of the barriers that block people from getting into gaming. One of the biggest points of contention in the gaming industry today is that games are exceedingly expensive. Some suggest that this could prevent people from purchasing some games, especially those without a previous track record. Others suggest that pricing out gamers would lead them elsewhere to other forms of entertainment. Mobile gaming is one of the easiest forms of gaming given how common owning a smartphone is. Many typical console titles pivoted towards mobile gaming with much success, such as Pokémon and Crash Bandicoot.

Gaming is a relatively new industry in the world but one of the most successful and significant. The casino industry has been around longer and has constantly reinvented itself to remain relevant. By taking inspiration from some of the strategies that the casino industry has used to remain relevant, gaming can ensure it capitalizes on potential audiences and methods of engagement.