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WFI Decides To Function At ‘No Cost To Government’ Model If Suspension Is Not Lifted | Wrestling News

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WFI Decides To Function At 'No Cost To Government' Model If Suspension Is Not Lifted | Wrestling News

The Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) decided at its Special General Meeting (SGM) on Friday that it will start functioning without cost to the government if its request to lift the suspension is not considered by the Sports Ministry. The WFI had its SGM in Noida after the UWW (the sport’s world governing body) lifted the suspension and the IOA also dissolved the ad hoc panel that managed the body’s affairs.

The two developments paved the way for the elected office holders to take back control of the federation, although the government has yet to lift the suspension.

The government had argued that the WFI had ignored rules and suspended the WFI three days after it held polls to elect Sanjay Singh as president.

All 25 state associations attended the SGM even as Secretary General Prem Chand Lochab, who is from the rival camp, skipped the meeting.

“It was agreed that we will request the government to lift the suspension. The UWW has lifted the suspension and the ad hoc committee has also been dissolved, so there is no point in continuing with the suspension of the body,” a WFI source told us. PTI.

“If the ministry does not consider the request and decides not to provide financial assistance, then we have unanimously decided that we will start functioning at no cost to the government,” the source added.

The government funds wrestlers’ training, competition and exposure trips abroad.

If the WFI goes ahead with the plan, it will also have to organize and implement the national camps itself.

A two-thirds majority is not required for election to a new position

The WFI also introduced an amendment to the constitution to ensure that any candidate contesting election for new office does not have to win by a two-thirds majority.

“From now on, only a simple majority will suffice if a joint secretary or a secretary decides to contest for another post such as that of president. Only if a candidate is trying to get elected to the post he holds will he have to win. with a two-thirds majority,” the source said.

In the recent WFI elections, Sanjay Singh had to win the election for the post of president with a two-third majority as he was joint secretary in the previous dispensation.

Soc recognition not required for states

The WFI has removed the clause from its constitution that required a state association to meet the condition of recognition by the State Olympic Committee (SOC) in order to become affiliated with the national body.

“From now on, only WFI recognition is sufficient for a state association. A few state bodies had abused this clause to present them as real bodies despite suspension by WFI. They showed SOC recognition to claim that they were real affiliated state bodies. We did that and got rid of it,” the source said.

All states must follow the national sporting code

All 25 state bodies were asked to ensure compliance with the Sports Code during the conduct of elections and their functioning. The age and tenure guidelines will have to be followed by everyone.

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