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Viral: Jr NTR In A BTS Pic From Devera Set In Goa

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Viral: Jr NTR in a BTS photo from Devera in Goa


Jr NTR on the sets of Devara. (politeness: JrNTRedits)

New Delhi:

A new day, a new update on Koratala Siva’s Devara: Part 1. A behind-the-scenes image from the shooting of the Telugu film has gone viral, revealing that the film is currently being shot in Goa. In the photo shared by several fan pages on various social media platforms, we can see the film’s lead actor Jr NTR dressed in character. His look has a cool vibe with an unbuttoned plaid shirt that is partially unbuttoned. a gacha is also draped over the star’s shoulder. Jr NTR’s jewelry includes a unique necklace, rustic bracelet and earrings. Additionally, director Koratala Siva can be seen standing next to the actor in the frame. While the image was shared on Instagram, a fan page captioned it: ‘Making clouds in Goa.’

Devara: Part 1 Janhvi Kapoor will play the female lead. Last month, the actress, who is making her debut in the Telugu film industry with this project, discussed her struggle with the language and the immense support from the team. In an interview with The weekJanhvi said, “I just received the dialogues from Devara last night, and all I want to do is sit in my room and learn my lines. I have never learned Telugu and it is something I am ashamed of. I can understand it phonetically, but I can’t speak it. Yes, it’s one of my biggest regrets. This part of me had been inactive for a while. But the Devara team is very patient and helpful. They work with such loyal people and I am so grateful that they are just a phone call away to help me with my lines.”

Before that, Janhvi Kapoor talked about her experiences working in Devara: Part 1 on Karan Johar’s talk show Coffee With Karan. She said: “I realized this when I showed up on set, on the Devara movie sets. It felt like all I’ve done so far has been workshops, or preparing myself, or getting to know myself. I don’t think I realized for the first few years how lost I was, how much like a headless chicken I was. Internally, emotionally and all I knew was that I love my job. And it keeps me alive and healthy in many ways.”

“In many ways I escaped into my work. So I feel like when I came on this set I was like, ‘Okay, this is who I am.’ And this is who I am. And all that knowledge and all those experiences have prepared me for this moment. I really appreciate all those films and experiences. But I feel like this is my calling and I feel better about myself and what I will hopefully do from here on out,” Janhvi Kapoor added.

Produced by Kosaraju Hari and Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, Devara: Part 1 Saif Ali Khan also plays a prominent role.

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