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“Very surprised”: Reus advisor denies agreement with BVB.


It is still unclear whether Marco Reus will play for BVB in the coming season. Reports of an alleged agreement between Dortmund and their captain has now been denied by his advisor.

“I am very surprised by these reports, because there is currently no agreement,” said Reus’ agent Dirk Hebe on Friday to “Sky”.

The 33-year-old has been playing for the Black and Yellows since 2012. In the current season he has collected a remarkable 15 points (eight goals, seven assists) in 24 appearances across all competitions.

This is one of the reasons why team leader Reus is said to have been presented with a contract ready to be signed by Borussia until 2024, which would nevertheless entail a loss of salary. The deadline for a decision was initially the top game against FC Bayern on April 1st.

“We are in a very good and goal-oriented exchange with BVB – as has often been emphasized by both sides. The discussions with Hans-Joachim Watzke and Sebastian Kehl are absolutely professional and respectful,” emphasized Hebe. However, he did not want to comment on specific figures.

BVB: Marco Reus “ready for financial losses”

Lever made it clear once again how much Reus is at the club. “Marco is not just a Dortmund boy, he also has BVB in his heart. Money has never been a decisive factor for Marco. Otherwise he would certainly have followed one of the numerous offers from other clubs in the past and not always remained loyal to his home club.” , according to the consultant.

It was “out of the question” that the veteran was “ready to make financial losses”. At the moment, Reus is supposed to rake in around twelve million euros a year.

Lever: “In the public, however, there have been many rumors and speculations, which are unfortunately largely wrong and do not do justice to the situation or the club, but especially Marco.”

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