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Trump Urged Armed Supporters to Capitol, White House Aide Testifies

Dozens of Trump administration officials and aides have testified in person before the committee, and video and audio clips of what they told investigators have been a central part of the committee’s hearings. But until Tuesday, no official who worked directly for Trump in the White House had sat before the commission to testify live on nationally televised testimony.

After the hearing, Mrs. Hutchinson was immediately surrounded by a phalanx of news photographers who had captured her every gesture as she sat facing the commission, alone at a witness table. She seemed nervous at times during her testimony, but she seemed to gain confidence as she testified. Towards the end, the panel chair praised her courage and called on other witnesses to follow suit and speak up.

“If you have heard this testimony today and you suddenly remember things you could not remember before, or there are details you would like to clarify, or you discovered courage that you had hidden somewhere, our doors remain open,” said Mr. Thompson.

Ms. Hutchinson said that as early as January 2, Mr. Meadows was concerned that Mr. Trump’s meeting could get out of hand — “It could get really, really bad on January 6,” she told her. She testified that Anthony M. Ornato, the former White House chief of operations, Mr. Meadows on Jan. 6 warned that the crowd appeared poised for violence, carrying knives, rifles, bear spray, body armor, spears and flagpoles.

She said that Mr. Meadows seemed unmoved by the information, and only Mr. Ornato asked if he wanted Mr. Trump had informed what Mr. Ornato said to have done so.

Ms Hutchinson later described being within earshot of Mr Trump as he demanded that his supporters move freely around the Ellipse even though they were armed.

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