Thomas Tuchel admits Juventus ARE weaker without Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of Champions League match

Thomas Tuchel admits Juventus ARE weaker without Cristiano Ronaldo but will still be among Champions League favorites as his Chelsea side travel to Turin for group stage clash

  • Chelsea travels to Turin to meet Juventus in the Champions League
  • The Blues are defending champions and are among the favorites for the trophy
  • Thomas Tuchel thinks Juventus will of course miss Cristiano Ronaldo’s absence
  • However, the German feels that Juve is still capable of winning the trophy

Thomas Tuchel has acknowledged that Juventus should be seen as a weaker side in a sense this season, having lost talisman Cristiano Ronaldo.

Tuchel’s Chelsea will face Juve in the group stage of the Champions League, and the German insists it is now quite clear that the Serie A giants have lost a great player and a great personality.

Tuchel spoke to reporters at his pre-match press conference on Tuesday when he was asked to give his opinion that Juve will clearly miss Ronaldo but have the talent in their ranks to go far in the competition.

Thomas Tuchel has discussed Juventus’ chances before they face his Chelsea side

“Time will tell, but I think it’s no secret that no team in the world is weaker without Cristiano, because he is one of the best who has ever played this match. They have lost a great champion and a great personality,” Tuchel said.

“But you can win games and be a strong team without Cristiano Ronaldo. they have a lot of experience and a lot of talent, with a good coach.

“They are so experienced and it is a big club with Champions League experience. they had some issues and a bit of a rough start [to the season] but always very convincing in the Champions League’.

Juventus are without Ronaldo after seeing the superstar leave in the summer

The Portuguese star made an emotional return to Manchester United

Tuchel thinks Juventus should be seen as weaker in a sense after Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure

The Chelsea boss is also willing to accept that his side are the team to be beaten this season as they currently hold the trophy, but insists some underdog status remains on his side.

“It’s easy to make us the favourites, it’s a higher motivation to play against us and we have to accept this because we won this competition,” added Tuchel.

“It’s no secret that we like this role as an outsider or challenger to this title, because I think we do.”

Romelu Lukaku’s club record of £98million in the summer has made Chelsea and an even stronger outfit, although questions have been raised about changes to the system.

Tuchel spoke openly about his side having to 'adjust' to accommodate Romelu Lukaku's game

Tuchel spoke openly about his side having to ‘adjust’ to accommodate Romelu Lukaku’s game

After Blues’ mediocre defeat to Manchester City on Saturday, Tuchel has acknowledged that signing the record has been considered, but Chelsea can still play the same kind of football.

Tuchel said: ‘It’s normal because you have to adapt to the players you have, to their strengths and weaknesses.

“We were too passive in the game against City, the defense plan and my responsibility may have led to this behaviour.

“We’re all in this and we’ve shown we can play high pressure and have high ball recovery with Romelu.”