This curvy cat font inspired by cat tails was made for a zine about cats

Companies often like to make custom fonts to create branding and a subscription to cat food shorts is no different. In the footsteps of companies such as Netflix, Samsung – oh well, even Arby & # 39; s – Smalls has entered into a partnership with the Oslo foundry type Good type to create a font with the name Adieu Smalls.


The round font builds on that of Good Type Adieu as a basis, but it is inspired by the way cats curl their tails to express emotions. “When a cat shows interest, they form a light hook on the tip of their tail. We applied this in the form of addicted tips to the "U" and "E" breaking out of the characters' ascender and descender, "said Small's chief designer Miles Barretto Fast operation. “When a cat expresses pleasure, the tail vibrates. You can see in "M" and "O" that there is a similar state of playfulness. "

Image: Smalls

Customers can see Adieu Smalls in action on the company's website, packaging and upcoming zine Small Talk. According to design week, the zine is intended as a print guide for the brand blog. It contains customers' cats in photo shoots and it can be a surprise add-on in some shipments. As you would expect from starting cat food, the zine extreme design is progressive, as if all cats are members of The Wing.

There is already an abundance of them cat-inspired fonts there, most play on the fluid bodies of cats to create the forms. But Adieu Smalls wants to improve the overall aesthetic of the cat font. "These days, cats are too often associated with social memes," Barretto continues. "There is a deep and rich history of the celebration and reverence of felines in many cultures – take Maneki-neko in Japan or the goddess Bastet in ancient Egypt as just two examples."