Taylor Swift will make her feature directorial debut as a script writer for the script she Wrote

Taylor Swift announced her plans to direct her first feature for an original script that she wrote, less than a year after earning Oscars buzz for All Too Well: The Short Film.

After stepping behind the camera to co-direct the music video for her 2019 hit, ME!, the pop star, 32, has impressed fans with her video-making prowess by self-directing herself in her music videos for The Man (2019), Cardigan (2020), Willow (2020), Anti-Hero (2022), and Bejeweled (2022).

Her Searchlight Pictures will produce this project. This studio is behind many critically-acclaimed flicks such as Nomadland, The Shape of Water, and The Shape of Water. 

A force behind the camera: Taylor Swift announced her plans to direct her first feature for an original script that she wrote, less than a year after earning Oscars buzz for All Too Well: The Short Film; seen in 2021

Although the casting and plot are still being kept secret, Searchlight presidents Matthew Greenfield and David Greenbaum described the singer as ‘a once-in-a-generation artist and storyteller’.

The pair released a statement saying that it was a joy and privilege to work with her on this exciting creative journey. 

The 11-time Grammy winner hinted at her next step at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, when asked if she would be open to directing a feature-length film.

Career pivot After Pop star, 32, took the lead role in the music video for her 2019 hit ME!. She has won over fans with her video-making skills. She self-directed her music videos for The Man, Cardigan, Willow, Anti-Hero (2022), Bejeweled (2022), and Willow (2020).

Exciting: Her project with be produced by Searchlight Pictures, which is the studio behind a number of critically-acclaimed flicks, including Nomadland and The Shape of Water (seen directing Oscar-winning actress Laura Dern in her Bejeweled music video earlier this year)

The performer said, “I’d like keep taking baby steps forward, and I’m at an area now where the next step is not a child step,”

She Continued: “It would be committing towards making a movie and I feel like it would absolutely love for that opportunity to arise, since I absolutely adore telling stories in this way. 

At the event, she said directing was her ‘stepping out of what’ she ‘usually’ does, ‘which is writing songs and singing them.’ 

In good company: Her Searchlight Pictures will produce the project. They are the studio behind many critically-acclaimed flicks like Nomadland or The Shape of Water.

Unexpected: Earlier this week, the Shake It Off hitmaker told The Hollywood Reporter , that if she could trade places with anyone for a day, she would choose Guillermo del Toro; seen in 2021

Her work on All Too Well, The Short Film, which starred Sadie Sink and Maze Run’s Dylan O’Brien, earned the MTV Video Music Award, Video of the year. 

Her first solo directorial appearance for The Man in 2020 earned her a trophy as Best Direction. 

The Shake It Off star told the audience earlier this week that he was a Shake It Off fan. The Hollywood ReporterShe stated that Guillermo del Toro was her favorite choice for a day if she could trade places. 

Swift said, “Imagine having that imagination and that visual vocabulary and that incredible body of work.” Swift stated, “To have such a broad storytelling range and still put your unique artistic fingerprint on every movie.”

Leaves clues: 11-time Grammy nominee, she hinted at her next step in September at the Toronto International Film Festival when she was asked if it would be possible to direct a feature-length movie. This was seen in November 

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