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Is this the heaviest animal EVER? Scientists say colossal ancient whale that lived 39 million years ago and weighed up to 340 tonnes may...

At around 190 tons, the mighty blue whale is famous for its low-frequency song and for being the largest animal on the planet today....

Wagner chief says Putin is being fed LIES about ‘colossal’ Russian battlefield losses

The chief of the Wagner mercenary group has alleged that Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu is lying to President Vladimir Putin about "colossal" battlefield...

French skier plunges into a colossal crevasse in the Swiss Alps: A heart-stopping moment

Heartbreaking footage shows the moment an expert skier fell into a crevasse that suddenly formed while skiing in the Swiss Alps - before jamming...

A colossal cat weighing 40lbs gets adopted within 24 hours.

A huge moggy that weighs more than a four-year-old has found a new owner in just one day.The fat cat, named Patches, tipped the...

Ultra-marathon runner disqualified for using a car admits to making a colossal mistake.

A top runner who was disqualified from an ultramarathon after driving a car for part of the race said she was "not thinking straight"...

45-mile long ‘Putin’s Colossal Trench’: Russian forces dig massive defensive fortifications

Vladimir Putin's forces build a massive trench across the Ukrainian invaded Zaporizhia as he prepares for a counterattack from the Kiev armies.The scar across...


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