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System Shock review


To say that a game System Shock The original was an influence and inspiration that would be greatly underestimated, as the immersive simulation game from Looking Glass Studios Not only was it an amazing game, it was also the model for some of the most beloved games of the past few decades. Lola System Shock What would we get PREY or Deus Ex or Dishonored. Even some games outside of the genre took inspiration from it. Where the sci-fi horror of a space station attacked by a rebellious artificial intelligence gave way to games like Metroid Prime And Alien: Isolation And Dead Space.

But despite its great influence and being considered among the greatest games of all time, the System Shock And its second part System Shock 2 They didn’t exactly sell big. They had mediocre sales, and even the improved remasters couldn’t fully satisfy audiences, likely due to poor mechanics, outdated graphics, and overly complex controls (the game didn’t even include a 3D mouse feature despite being a first-person shooter). the first). And now with a remake developed from scratch, you’re trying Night Dive Give this classic game another chance to make a first impression.

It’s a remake System Shock For 2023, faithful to the original game. Where a map has been recreated Citadel station Here, which if you’re like me, you’ll be able to navigate most of the map based on memory. I found myself immediately remembering the location of certain keys, audio records, and of course the first door to open with the code “451”.

The puzzle design has been slightly changed to be less annoying and smoother. In fact, it seems that the overall usability features were one of the main principles of this modern version. The moment you start the game, you will find a difficulty selection menu with different settings for battles, puzzles, exploration, and so on. Thus, you will be able to adjust the experience to your liking, which is good since the battles in this game are very difficult. Ammunition is low and enemies are striking hard.

If this sounds like survival style gameplay, it is because it is. Given that lineage System Shock is simulation and RPG, it’s easy to forget that the first game wasn’t really an RPG at all. Most of the time, the gameplay was a first-person survival horror genre full of puzzles and inventory management. You are encouraged to avoid fights as much as you engage in them.

The biggest aspect that has received a renewal in this remake is the graphics, but not in the way you might expect. Where I took Night Dive made a smart decision to paint its 3D models in blocky pixel art, while some of the item icons and puzzles look straightforward like 2D pixel art. Thanks to this low-resolution approach, coupled with current-generation real-time lighting and shadows provided by the Unreal The game offers mesmerizing graphics. It may not look great in screenshots but in action it looks like the perfect update to the game System Shock From the nineties.

Nor has the story changed System Shock Not at all, but it’s gotten a lot more terrifying thanks to the new generation’s precision. The sound design is the aspect that has received the biggest change, with creaks echoing in the halls Citadel station As if a groaning ship was about to capsize at sea. If we stick to the traditional description of game worlds as having varying degrees of “life”, this means that we must describe a world System Shock It looks like he died recently. This world was alive until very recently, but it is not anymore. It is among the most disturbing locations you will be exploring in gaming this year.

The development story System Shock known to most of us now. after a successful campaign Kickstarter and demo UnityThe game was delayed several times, experienced major personnel changes at the studio, and was reworked internally at least once. These development disruptions derail even the biggest games, so that shows how committed they are Night Dive project and submission System Shock In the perfect shape it is now.

issued System Shock Coming to PC tomorrow, May 30, with console versions coming out at a later date.

Creating a remake of one of the most inspiring titles in gaming history is no easy feat, but Nightdive Studios pulls it off against all odds with System Shock. This remake is as captivating and unsettling now as the 1994 original was.

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