Sainsbury is under attack for EMPTY SHIPS because the company blames the warm weather of shabby stores

Sainsbury & # 39; s was criticized because of the disappearance of the standards, when it turned out that the turnover grew slower and the profits plummeted.

The supermarket, the second largest in the United Kingdom, blamed staff shortages and hot weather after customers became frustrated by poorly filled shelves and messy stores.

Chief executive Mike Coupe insisted that he was satisfied with the latest results, despite the fact that sales in the same store only dropped by 0.6 percent in the 28 weeks to September, while profits fell 40 percent to £ 132 million.

Sainsbury and Asda are part of a business merger involving Argos, which is reportedly in the region of £ 12 billion

Sainsbury and Asda are part of a business merger involving Argos, which is reportedly in the region of £ 12 billion

He said that empty shelves and shabby stores were due to warmer weather and lost thousands of roles to cut costs.

It comes when Sainsbury & # 39; s is awaiting a decision by the competition authority about a £ 14 billion merger with Asda.

The merged group focuses on savings of £ 500 million by using its purchasing power to get better deals from suppliers and lower prices for customers.

Russ Mold, investment director at AJ Bell, said the store was crucial: Shoppers will quickly lose their patience if they can not find what they want. Sainsbury & # 39; s should not make such mistakes, given the increased competition. & # 39;

Neil Wilson, analyst at trading platform Markets, added: & # 39; Standards have been dropped. It is difficult to see how the merger with Asda will help a lot. & # 39;

But Coupe said the problem had been fixed and said: I could surround one of our competitors and take pictures of empty shelves. & # 39;

Sainsbury & # 39; s has made room for sushi bars, beauties, Specsavers concessions and Argos stores, after having bought the store for £ 1.4 billion. It now has 251 Argos stores in its stores.

Despite a slump of 0.5 percent in the sale of supermarkets, total revenues were boosted by the opening of new Argos stores, 3.5 percent to 16.8 billion pounds compared to a year earlier.

Turnover in convenience stores rose by 4.3 percent and online shopping went up by 6.9 percent.

The Authority for Competition and Markets investigates Sainsbury's acquisition of Asda and its potential impact on suppliers and customers.

It identified nearly 500 areas where Sainsbury & # 39; s and Asda could be forced to sell supermarkets to complete the deal.

But Coupe was confident that Sainsbury & # 39; s would only be able to do so if the merger was not approved. He said: & # 39; We have a clear strategy and you can see in the numbers we deliver. We have confidence in our future, whatever the basis of that future. & # 39;