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Rumour: Persona 6 is in development and the release date has been leaked.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Persona 6 has not been announced yet, however, leaks and rumors have begun to talk about the game and its expected release date next year 2024.

The source of this information came through the leaked podcast Nate the Hate’s Where he indicated that the Atlas company was planning to reveal the game during the past year 2022, but it retracted from that in the end because the date of the announcement will be significantly far from the scheduled release date, according to his information at a later time next year 2024.

Persona 6 and other parts are in development

The source also indicated that it is unlikely that the Persona 6 game will be announced at the upcoming PlayStation Showcase event on Wednesday, May 24. But he expects that the Tokyo Game Show event expected to be held in September of this year will be very suitable for its disclosure.

Persona 6 Release Date Window

The same source hinted that the game may be exclusive to the new generation platforms and will not be released on the previous generation. In addition to the possibility that there will be a temporary exclusivity of the game on the PlayStation 5, to be released later on the Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC. However, it also indicated that it is still too early to release the game, and plans for cooperation with third-party companies and the exclusivity of the game and content may change.

On the other hand, Nate the Hate said that the rumored Persona 3 remake will be released before Persona 6. He explained that it is scheduled to be released during this year 2023. At the same time, Nate the Hate and guest podcast Modern Vintage Gamer agreed with the rumors. It is currently being circulated that the remake will be revealed at the Xbox Games Showcase event scheduled for June 11th and not at the PlayStation Showcase event.

Nate the Hate also indicated that there is also a third Persona game with spin-off side events that is being worked on and is also scheduled to be released in the coming year 2024.

As of this writing, neither the Persona 6 nor the Persona 3 remake have been confirmed by Atlas or Sega. As there is nothing official about them until the moment of writing this report. Therefore, the coming days may hold many surprises for fans of this series.

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