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Raveena Tandon On Letting Go Of Movies Due To Inappropriate Costumes: “I Had To Live My Life My Way”

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Raveena Tandon on leaving films due to inappropriate costumes: 'I had to live my life in my way'

Image was shared by Raveena Tandon. (politeness: official raveenatandon)

Veteran actress Raveena Tandon has always been vocal about her journey in Bollywood. In a recent conversation with WhatsNew2Day, the actress talked about how she had abandoned certain projects in her younger years because she felt the costumes or dance moves were inappropriate. During the lecture, Raveena discussed that there were times when she said, “No, I’m not going to do this step. No, I’m not going to wear this costume.” The star further added, “I have given up on so many films where I didn’t feel comfortable with the costumes I had to wear. There were so many songs where I said, ‘Sorry, but I don’t think this is appropriate and I stuck with that.’ There have been times when I had to sacrifice a few films and stuff to do that. But then that’s how it is. But I had to live my life my way.”

Talking about the positive change in the film industry, Raveena Tandon said, “The industry has definitely changed for the better. We have evolved and come a long way from the days when women were not allowed to voice their opinions, to the point where if they did voice their opinions, they were not heard, to the point now where they do voice their opinions. And now, to the point where they express and assert their opinions, they are called aggressive. It has been a shifting change. But still, I think it has been a big positive change. We now see many more women on the work front. A lot in our workplace, in the business world, which is now our film world, a lot of platform heads who are women.

Raveena Tandon also talked about how women are starring in most shows on OTT platforms. The star said: ‘There were so many female-driven shows now. So many of our female actors are headlining shows. So when you see OTT platforms, there is actually a greater majority of women headlining shows than men. So it’s a big change.”

On the work front: Raveena Tandon’s film Patna Shuklla was recently released on Disney+ Hotstar. Click here to read the film review by Saibal Chatterjee of WhatsNew2Day.

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