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Office Being Maligned In Court By Delhi Government, Alleges Lt Governor

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Office is being defamed in court by Delhi government, claims Lt Governor

The Lieutenant Governor’s office alleged concerted attempts by the Delhi government to ‘mislead’ courts.

New Delhi:

The Delhi LG Secretariat has written to the Union Home Minister alleging “violations” by the Delhi government and “concerted attempts” to “mislead” courts with the aim of “influencing the justice system”, said Raj Niwas- officials Thursday.

The Delhi government is trying to ‘influence’ the judicial system by filing ‘motivated and premeditated’ petitions and presenting ‘patently false’ affidavits, they said.

However, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government said courts are the last resort after officers failed to follow ministers’ directions. No action was taken by the lieutenant governor against such officers, the statement said.

“Even after repeated instructions from the ministers concerned, the Center officials are not acting and the lieutenant governor is not responding to requests from the ministers,” the government said.

The letter from Chief Secretary to Lt. Governor VK Saxena cites several cases before the High Court and Delhi High Court and the alleged “violations” of the Delhi government in relation to its “transactions” with these courts.

“In recent times, there have been concerted attempts to mislead the courts, with a clear aim to influence the justice system by filing reasoned and premeditated petitions and seeking to obtain the approval of the courts by blatantly to file false affidavits.” the letter alleged.

It said that “GNCTD (Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi) versus the Lieutenant Governor” has become the “prevailing norm” rather than an exception in several cases in different courts.

“The attempts are clear, apart from misleading the courts, to create a false narrative in the media that defames the constitutional office of Lieutenant Governor in the public domain,” said the letter sent with the approval of Mr Saxena has been sent to the Union Home Minister.

The cases cited in the letter include infrastructure-related cases in the Delhi High Court and subordinate courts, release of funds for the Delhi Jal Board and ‘Farishtey’ scheme, DCPCR, classification of compliant and non- compliant departments regarding the excise tax 2021-2022. policy.

The letter is intended to apprise the Home Ministry of developments in Delhi regarding “avoidable litigation” in various courts, the report said.

The AAP government said it is quite “unfortunate” that attempts are being made to encroach on the jurisdiction of the National Capital Territory of Delhi government.

The Supreme Court has clearly stated that Delhi has a democratically elected government that is accountable to the people. Delhi cannot be accommodated as a unit of the Union, the report said.

In the spirit of cooperative federalism, the Union of India must exercise its powers within the limits created by the Constitution, she added.

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