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New Windows 11 update puts Bing Chat front and center


As part of Microsoft’s new Windows 11 feature update, users can access the company’s new AI-powered Bing right from the taskbar.

In a blog post Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay, announcing the update, said “the search box is one of the most used features on Windows” and so the combination with the new AI-powered Bing will allow users to “find the answers (they are) faster than ever before.”

To access this new search box, users who are in the Bing preview will need to install the latest Windows 11 update. However, those currently unable to access the preview will need to sign up for the waitlist.

Bing Chat is supported by GPT-4

Bing Chat allows users to ask questions and get answers from GPT-4, the latest version of the artificial intelligence (AI) language model developed by the OpenAI research lab. Although it has only been available to the public since February 7, a number of interactions with the chatbot have already made headlines, with the chatbot even confess his love to a New York Times reporter and told him he should get a divorce.

Earlier this month, Microsoft also updated its Edge browser with AI capabilities and two new functionalities: chat and compose. This allows users to, for example, request a summary of a long financial report and then request a comparison with the financial data of a competing company via the chat function.

A user can also ask Edge to help compose content, such as a LinkedIn post, by giving it a few pointers to get started. The ethics of AI-generated content is already hotly debated, with the non-profit educational institution International Baccalaureate deciding this week that students quote Chat GPT in their essaysas long as they cite the technology the same way they would any other source and don’t try to pass off the content as their own.

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