Melissa Caddick Auction: Scammer’s Designer Fashion & Jewelry Raises Over $800k

The sale of designer clothing, luxury jewelry and pricey art from missing con artist Melissa Caddick came to a close this week, raising a whopping $806,000.

Court-appointed trustees in charge of the con artist’s estate were granted permission to sell her valuable belongings in November.

The first items went up for auction Tuesday night, though two of the best-known pieces weren’t available until Wednesday.

An 18-karat white gold necklace with 13 black sapphires surrounded by diamonds, made by Stefano Canturi and named ‘Stella’, sold for $130,000.

Melissa Caddick’s 18-carat Stefano Canturi black sapphire and diamond necklace sold for $130k

Con Artist Melissa Caddick In Iconic Oscar De La Renta Gown And Canturi Necklace With Husband Anthony Koletti

Con artist Melissa Caddick in iconic Oscar De La Renta gown and Canturi necklace with husband Anthony Koletti

Investigators Found A Staggering Collection Of Diamond And Sapphire Rings (Above) At Melissa Caddick'S Home During A Raid.

Investigators found a staggering collection of diamond and sapphire rings (above) at Melissa Caddick’s home during a raid.

Oscar De La Renta'S Ball Gown From Caddick

Oscar De La Renta’s Ball Gown from Caddick

Your Christian Dior Limited Edition Burcak Bingol Lady Dior Bag

Your Christian Dior Limited Edition Burcak Bingol Lady Dior bag

Ms Caddick wore the necklace, which she bought for $370,000 in 2015, with an Oscar De La Renta she also sold this week in a photo with her husband Anthony Koletti that became famous.

Smith & Singer auctioned off another 53 pieces of jewelry on Wednesday night.

Caddick originally purchased the ‘Stella’ necklace for $370,000 in 2015.

The matching Stella ring sold for $14,000, while the accompanying earrings sold for $7,500.

Her 18-karat gold, diamond and emerald ‘Geometric Lace’ earrings, valued between $2,500 and $3,400, sold for $10,000.

Another pair of white gold Canturi ‘Cubism’ earrings sold for $8,500, despite an asking price of $2,000.

A matching bracelet, valued at $7,000, sold for $24,000.

Caddick’s collection of twelve bags sold for almost triple its estimated price of $35,000.

A limited-edition white leather Lady Dior bag by Turkish designer Burcak Bingol sold for $7,364.

The proceeds will be used to pay off the dozens of clients who claim Ms. Caddick defrauded them out of approximately $23 million while acting as their financial adviser.

Auctioneers listed 58 items of designer clothing, expensive accessories and luxury items for sale.

Items include limited-edition handbags from brands like Chanel and Louis Vuitton and expensive dresses from red-carpet designers like Christian Dior and Oscar De La Renta.

“The sale of these items is another important step in the completion of Ms. Caddick’s bankruptcy estate,” said Bruce Gleeson of Jones Partners.

A Silk Collette Dinnigan Gown Owned By Melissa Caddick

A silk Collette Dinnigan gown owned by Melissa Caddick

“As previously anticipated, with the support of our auctioneers, we are pleased to make these luxury items available for sale before Christmas 2022 and look forward to the best possible results.”

Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of luxury items owned by the scammer will be up for auction over the next month.

The auctions come two years after the con artist mysteriously disappeared.

Ms Caddick disappeared the day after the Australian Federal Police raided her home in Dover Heights in connection with allegations of financial fraud.

Caddick Chanel Sheer Silk Blouse

Caddick Chanel Sheer Silk Blouse

She was not seen again until her foot washed up on a beach on the south coast of New South Wales in February 2021.

The fraudulent financial adviser is understood to have funneled millions of dollars from his client’s accounts into his own bank accounts to finance his lavish lifestyle.

The auctions of Ms Caddick’s belongings come after her Dover Heights property sold last month for an undisclosed amount.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the sales campaign and the interest received from potential buyers,” said Mr Gleeson.

Four works of art owned by Ms. Caddick went up for auction earlier this year, with a total of $48,000 made from the works.

The highest-priced artwork was a work by John Olsen, fetching $24,000.

Caddick Christian Dior Ombre Snakeskin Wallet Sold For $2577

Caddick Christian Dior ombre snakeskin wallet sold for $2577

Her Lv Flame Twist Mm Bag Sold For $4909

Her LV Flame Twist MM bag sold for $4909

That was below the $25,000 to $35,000 price guide.

A unique hand-painted aluminum cutout by artist David Gerstein sold for $11,000, double the $4000-$6000 guide price.

Other items already sold include a painting by Luke Sciberras of Gallipoli for $7,000 and a totem pole for $6,000.

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