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Macron condemns the “unacceptable” and “unspeakable” assault against his wife’s nephew


Brigitte Macron’s nephew, 30-year-old Jean-Baptiste Trogneau, was attacked by a group of demonstrators who were protesting against a pension reform law.

President Emmanuel Macron denounced the “unacceptable” and “unspeakable” assault of his wife Brigitte’s nephew on the sidelines of a demonstration against pension reform.

“These actions are unacceptable and unspeakable,” he said upon his arrival at the Council of Europe summit in Reykjavik. He stressed that “there is no place for violence in a democracy (…) any form of violence is not justified.”

First Lady Brigitte Macron had expressed her indignation at the “cowardice, stupidity and violence” of the perpetrators of the attack on her nephew on the sidelines of a demonstration against pension reform, an attack denounced by deputies of the right and left.

“I fully sympathize with my family,” she said in a statement. “I have repeatedly denounced this violence, which can only lead to the worst,” added the wife of President Emmanuel Macron. And she continued, “Jean-Baptiste had the courage to confront the cowardice, stupidity and violence of a group that I leave to justice the task of describing it.”

On Monday evening, in the center of the city of Amiens, in northern France, after a brief interview with the French President during the news bulletin, Brigitte Macron’s nephew, Jean-Baptiste Trogneau, 30, was identified and attacked by a group that was participating in a “pot party” in protest against the regime. Retirement, according to his father, Jean-Alexander, told AFP.

The group beat him on the head, arms and legs and cursed “the president, his wife and our family” before fleeing when three neighbors intervened.

A police source said that eight people were arrested on Monday evening and are still in detention.

On Tuesday morning, Jean-Baptiste Trogneau was “under observation awaiting a scan.” “With this attack, we crossed all limits,” his father said. “I am very upset.”

He emphasized that although there is no “any financial link” between the Tronio chocolate shops run by his son and the president and first lady, the shops under this brand founded by Brigitte’s grandfather have been targeted regularly since Macron came to power. Calls have also been made to boycott the brand’s products.

Several politicians responded on Twitter. Vice Presidential Majority Carl Olive commented, “From worse to worse! And now the family of the President of the Republic” is being targeted.

The MP added: “Enough is enough… Let justice be served quickly and properly… Full support for Jean-Baptiste Tronio,” Carl Olive concluded his tweet.

“I strongly condemn this intolerable aggression against the nephew of Brigitte Macron in Amiens,” said the head of the right-wing “Republican” party, Eric Ciotti, in a tweet.

Ciotti added, “Yes to democratic debate, no to violence and terrorism… The punishment must be severe for these aggressors,” and Ciotti concluded his tweet by saying, “All my support is for Jean-Baptiste Tronio.”

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