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Kyrie closes in! Nets superstar will return ‘very soon’ after meeting with Brooklyn owner Joe Tsai

Kyrie is getting closer! Embattled Nets superstar to return ‘very soon’ after meeting Brooklyn owner Joe Tsai, Adam Silver the NBA and NBPA amid furore

  • Kyrie Irving is on his way to return to an NBA court after his latest saga
  • Irving was indefinitely suspended by the Brooklyn Nets on Nov. 3 after sharing an Amazon documentary that allegedly contained anti-Semitic messages
  • His inability to offer an adequate apology led to his suspension from the Nets
  • Since meeting Brooklyn owner Joe Tsai and others as part of reintegration
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Kyrie Irving is getting closer to returning to the NBA after meeting Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai.

The embattled star was suspended by Brooklyn for failing to adequately apologize in their view for sharing a link to an Amazon documentary said to contain anti-Semitic messages.

Tsai announced on Twitter on Friday the news of his catching up with Irving along with his wife and Kyrie’s family — one of six conditions that will allow Irving to return to the floor after being banned indefinitely on Nov 3

“Clara and I met Kyrie and his family yesterday,” Tsai began. “We spent quality time understanding each other and it’s clear to me that Kyrie has no hatred towards Jewish people or any group for that matter.

Nets owner Joe Tsai met Kyrie Irving on Thursday as part of the superstar’s reintegration

“The Nets and Kyrie are working constructively with the NBA and NBPA on a process of forgiveness, healing and education.”

It immediately follows the release of a National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) memo stating that a resolution between Irving and the relevant parties will take place “very soon.”

The email written to players was obtained by NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski, who reported it said Irving had met the Nets, NBA and NBPA “on several occasions.”

“Kyrie’s rights, and the rights of all future players, are protected at every turn,” the memo read.

Kyrie Irving has received a torrent of criticism on the media and social media for sharing an Amazon link

Irving got the wind in his sails for posting a link to the movie ‘Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America’

Though NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said the Nets star’s return to court will be orchestrated “in consultation with the league.”

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This comes despite his claim that he has “no doubt” that Irving is anti-Semitic.

Irving’s refusal to answer directly whether he held anti-Semitic beliefs about press availability was a source of frustration for the league and the Nets organization, ultimately leading to his minimal, but indefinite, five-game suspension.

“He’s someone I’ve known for ten years, and I’ve never heard an anti-Semitic word from him or, frankly, hatred of any group,” Silver told the paper. New York Times


The Nets superstar has long considered herself a deep thinker and a ‘voice for the voiceless’

“Whether or not he is anti-Semitic is irrelevant to the harm caused by posting hateful content,” he added.

Meanwhile, Nets chief executive Sean Marks said Friday Irving’s belated apology was a “step in the right direction.”

Irving said he was sorry in a statement on Thursday, but it came after he received his minimum five-game ban from the Nets.

Adam Silver Said Kyrie Caused Irving ‘Damage’ With His Words — Even If He’s Not Anti-Semitic

While Marks considers the apology a good first step, the New Zealander stressed that he hopes Irving will meet with Jewish leaders before he can return.

“Actions speak louder than words,” Marks told reporters on Friday. “So he’s had some time, and there will be more time to think about this.”

“Some corrective steps and measures will be taken to get him honest advice, designated by the team, on how to deal with some anti-hate and some Jewish leaders within our community,” Marks continued.

“He’s going to have to sit down with them, he’s going to have to sit down with the organization after that. And we will evaluate and see if this is the right opportunity to get him back.”

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks speaks during a press conference for an NBA basketball game between the Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls on Tuesday


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