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Kareena Kapoor On Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Performance: “Empathy Is Important”

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Kareena Kapoor on Ranbir Kapoor's animal performance: 'Empathy is important'


Ranbir and Kareena in a throwback photo. (politeness: @Jeyya_B)

New Delhi:

Kareena Kapoor, who is all set to join the fun Crewpraised her cousin Ranbir Kapoor for his acting skills and ‘charming’ attitude on the podcast show Bebo on TRS recently. Kareena Kapoor was asked on the show how Ranbir managed to play such a dark character in Animal. Reflecting on an actor’s style of acting, Kareena said, ‘Empathy is such an important aspect of acting. In your performance, it’s also about being empathetic towards another person and feeling what the other characters are feeling and bringing out that emotion. important. Empathy is important when performing.”

Kareena Kapoor also admitted that she and Ranbir have a lot of things in common. Kareena wholeheartedly praised her cousin and said, “Ranbir has an aura, an attitude that no one has in the Indian film industry. I may sound biased but I don’t think I am biased as I believe there is no one like Ranbir. He is also a no-nonsense person. If he likes you, that’s fine. If he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t make much effort. He is very kind, just like Saif (Ali Khan). He also has kind eyes. ‘

Kareena added, “He is a deadly combination because Chintu uncle was also a deadly actor just like Neetu aunty.” Despite making millions at the box office, Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal was criticized by some of the internet for its depiction of problematic masculinity and violence.

Celebrities like Javed Akhtar and Konkona Sen Sharma also expressed their opinions about the film and disagreed with the content of the film. However, Karan Johar said that he did not delve deep into the moral structure of the film. He said: “I didn’t delve deeply into the moral communication of the film – I was so carried away by the story and the way the filmmaker told its story through sound design, screenplay, dialogue and character development, that as a filmmaker, I loved it.”

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