Jane the Virgin Cast

Developed by Jennie Snyder Urman, Jane the virgin is an American romantic dramedy and satirical telenovela. It is a series that was premiered on The CW on October 13, 2014 and ended on July 31, 2019. The series is set in Miami and it gives the details of the life of Jane Gloriana Villanueva. She is a hard-working, religious, young and energetic Venezuelan-American woman who goes through dramatic events in her life.

The series has a list of other characters apart from Gina Rodriguez. Below is the list of cast in the Jane the virgin:

Gina Rodriguez

Gina Rodriguez is an American actress, rapper and director born on July 30, 1984. She was born and raised in Chicago and she began her career in 2004 before making her debut in an episode of Law and order drama series. However, she found her breakthrough in 2012 in musical-drama film Filly Brown. She has also featured in other films like Deepwater Horizon (2016), Ferdinand (2017), Annihilation (2018), Miss Bala (2019) and Someone Great (2019).

In Jane the Virgin, Gina Rodriguez acts as Jane Gloriana Villanueva who is amongst the main actors. Jane Gloriana had vowed to keep her virginity until the right time for marriage. Unfortunately events unfold that shutters her dreams. During her virginity, she finds herself in the hands of a doctor who mistakenly artificially inseminates while doing a check-up. The story is intriguing as she realizes that the pregnancy she is carrying belongs to a married man who is a former playboy. Besides, the biological father is a cancer survivor, the owner of the hotel she is currently working. He is also her former teenage crush and this turns things upside down for Jane who has to deal with pregnancy that she never expected. 

Jane was initially dating Michael and when she meets Rafael Solano who is the biological father of the baby Jane is carrying, they both agree that Jane keeps the pregnancy full term. She is to turn over the custody to the biological father and his wife Petra on condition that the baby will be cared for in a safe way.

Things take a twist in the process of Jane’s pregnancy, Rafael and Jane develop feelings for each other. The relationship doesn’t last longer and before then, she had cut off the relationship with Michael for being secretive regarding the Solanos.  Eventually Jane delivers a baby boy and she names her Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva.

Towards the end of season two, Jane marries Michael Cordero but Michael dies in season three of the series as a result of complications incurred by previous gunshot.

Andrea Navedo

She plays the role of Jane’s outgoing mother and she is referred to as Xiomara ‘Xo’ Gloriana Villanueva in the series. She bore Jane at the age of 16 and this was the reason why Jane had decided to keep her virginity until the right time of marriage. Jane’s mother is a dance teacher and she marries Jane’s father in season 3 towards the end. In season 4 finale, she is diagnosed with breast cancer but she survives.

Justin Baldoni

In this series, Justin Baldoni acts as Rafael Solano who is the owner of the Hotel Jane is working in and the biological father of Jane’s child. He and Jane develop interest for each other but their relationship doesn’t last longer. In the process, he divorces her wife Petra whom they had two daughters in season two when he notices her affair. As the season proceeds, we see him jailed for a while in season three. 

Yael Grobglas

Yael Grobglas acts as Petra Solano and is the wife to Rafael and a member of a shady Czech crime family. She married Rafael so that she could take riches from him but ended up falling in love with him. Events unfold in the series, she divorces Rafael in season 2 where she inseminates herself with her Ex-husband’s sperm and in due process gives birth to twin daughters who are named Anna and Elsa. We also notice that she murders her twin sister Anezka and she finds herself in a relationship with her lawyer Jane Ramos.

Ivonne Coll

Ivonne Coll is another cast in Jane the virgin and acts as Alba Gloriana Villanueva. She is pious maternal grandmother of Jane and is very religious who encourages her granddaughter to remain a virgin until marriage. She speaks Spanish even when she is addressed in English. We see her receiving her green card in season two after being in the country illegally for a while. She eventually gets the USA citizenship in season four and gets engaged to Jorge who is her boss. Soon after, her boss proposes to Alba but Ivonne is not for it but later the two are married.

Brett Dier

Brett Dier is a character in the series that plays the role of a guest in season 4. He is Michael Cordero Jr. and the husband to Jane in seasons 1, 2, 3, 4 and Jane the virgin season 5 watch online. He is a police detective who at some point in the series heads the search of Sin Rostro, a high profile drug dealer based in the Marbella Hotel. During the hunt, he is shot and sustains a wound. He later on quits becoming a lawyer and we see them getting married towards the end of season two. Michael dies in season 10 due to a complication of a wound he sustained after a gunshot.

Jaime Camil

Jaime Camil acts as Rogelio de la Vega, biological father to Jane. We see him trying to create relationship with his daughter he discovered recently. He falls in love with her high school girlfriend Xiomara and finally marries her. The two stay together without a child and Jaime is in desperate of a child. They have a child with Darci Factor and later, they have a child with his wife whom they name Baby Michaelina de la Vega Factor.

Another character in Jane the virgin is Elias Jansen as Mateo Gloriano Rogelio Solano Villanueva, baby of Jane and Rafael who takes the name of Jane’s grandfather