Important Things you Should Know About Outsourcing

From a close look, there is no doubt that photo editing is a big responsibility in itself. You might be wondering what it is all about. This is simply the processing of images by using various software like light room and Photoshop. This software is well known to give the images nice final touch-ups. From a point of view, editing the images as the last stage is very relevant. It is even much crucial to online retailers simply because it will make their products look impressive in the eyes of their customers. 

In that case, it is advisable you consider outsourcing photo editing services. Usually, reliable outsourcing companies will easily complete your editing tasks. They will later send edited images to you, matching your style and creativity. All that you need to do in that situation is to create a border between editing and retouching when you are giving out your images to outsourcing companies. 

Basic editing includes removing the background, setting consistent margins and also compressing images.

In-house editing and outsourcing

You might be aware that many brands and retailers prefer outsourcing their images. They save a lot of money in this way. They will get their desired image quality within a short time. In addition, if you opt to go for in-house editing, you will encounter numerous challenges that we have listed below.

Employee turnover. Nowadays, this is a common challenge that is faced when you decide to go for in-house editing. The main reason behind this is that many employees prefer matching their work with their skills and also salaries. Diligent grinding will be a great challenge to you if you are skilled in retouching. To such people, creating clipping path will be a very low skill. The chances of being satisfied will be very low.

Delay in e-commerce sales

Extremely high turnover will lead to delay in photo editing work. Subsequently, this will cause a gradual decrease in sales. You will lose your customers when you delay their work. It is good to keep in mind that it is not good to compromise with your sales just because of unsatisfied customers. Therefore it makes sense outsourcing your work so that you can deliver the work within the agreed timeline. 

Highly seasonal 

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Apparels are very seasonal. You are required to arrange all your photo production staff according to the demand of the season. You have to point out some workers when there is a season of apparels. At such times, permanent workers will demand their pay even when they are idle. It is very hard to tackle seasonal wings more so when your employees are very irritating. In fact, that is the only valid reason why in-house editing is very challenging.

Here are some relevant questions you should remember asking the outsourcing company before sending them work.

1.Technology systems

You can agree with me that hiring an outsourcing company is quite a proficient task. You have to be very specific when it comes to outsourcing your work. Never forget to ask them the technology system they are using.  They will definitely be in a good position to fulfil all your needs if they have the necessary technology to do so.

2. About on boarding process

The on boarding process must be detailed correctly step by step. Actually, the best editing company is that which understand all your needs and work it out in the right way. Some companies will go to the extent of providing you with an online tutorial. You should always remember that all the on boarding methods will vary according to the photo editing requirements.

3. How do you treat employees

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You should be very concerned about employees. You should always look for good methods to treat your employees. Corporate responsibilities and retention rate of employees are some of the most important things you should never forget. You must have a clear insight into your employees.

4. Who are they already tow rok with you

This is another crucial question you should pose on them. You can inquire whether they have other working partners. Away from that, you can request for some of their completed projects and other important things about them.