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“If Merely Winning Elections Was My Goal, I Would Not…”: PM Modi

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'If just winning elections was my aim, I wouldn't...': PM Modi

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said all his actions are not motivated solely by electoral considerations or the pursuit of power, adding that if election victory was his only goal, he would not have prioritized the development of the northeastern region.

In an interview with Thanti TV in Tamil Nadu, the Prime Minister said, “The fact that I am a politician does not mean that every action I take is just to win elections, for power or for votes. If only winning elections was my goal, I would not have worked for the development of the Northeast. I have visited the northeastern states more than all the former prime ministers put together.”

On the development work in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the huge potential of the state must be taken into account.

‘Viksit Bharat’ is Viksit Rajya, which means that every part of the country should get development assistance. It is also Viksit Tamil Nadu. To build a Viksit Bharat, we must first develop every state. Tamil Nadu has enormous potential, which should not be allowed I believe that Tamil Nadu has the potential to become the driving force behind our dream of a Viksit Bharat,” he said while talking to Thanti TV.

The Prime Minister also praised BJP state president K Annamalai for his efforts to interest youth in politics.

“We worked for Tamil Nadu even when we did not have any municipal candidate. Annamalai attracts the youth. They see him and think that if money and corruption were the reasons behind his behavior, he could have joined the DMK or AIADMK. It was not for selfish or personal reasons that Annamalai chose the BJP but to work for the nation. He works for the country and for Tamil Nadu,” PM Modi said.

Prime Minister Modi further reaffirmed his confidence in the victory of the BJP-led NDA in Tamil Nadu, adding that the votes were not only anti-DMK but also pro-BJP.

“The NDA is a very strong alliance that connects different sections of society. It is an organization of parties representing different economic and social sections. It represents the aspirations of the people. The votes that the BJP-NDA receives are not ‘anti’. “DMK’ but ‘pro-BJP’. People have witnessed the work we have done in the last decade. Tamil Nadu has decided that this time it will be the BJP-NDA!” he said.

During the interview, the Prime Minister also expressed his anger and pointed out the ‘injustice to the great heritage’ of Tamil Nadu.

“We need to promote the use of Tamil language just as the cuisine of Tamil Nadu has been globalized. I am angry because we have done injustice to the great heritage of Tamil Nadu. India has the oldest language in the world, yet we don’t show any of it. am proud of it. Praise for this rich heritage should reach the entire world,” the Prime Minister outlined.

On the opposition parties criticizing the installation of Sengol in the new parliament building, Prime Minister Modi emphasized its link with the country’s independence.

“Only a few people are aware that the first moments of our independence are linked to sacred Sengol. It was a symbol of regime change. I did a lot of research before bringing it to Parliament. Then I decided that in the new Parliament, Sengol would inspire us. It will not be just an ornament for the shelf, but it will be given the dignity it deserves,” he said.

When Prime Minister Modi was asked to name three top achievements in foreign policy, he said, “For me, every work is top, every work is important. I have given equal time, attention and energy to all the work I have undertaken. nation is as important as a great nation and that is why today India is seen as ‘Vishwabandhu’ by the world.

On the name of the BJP linked to receiving a huge amount of money through electoral bonds, Prime Minister Modi said, “People protesting against the electoral bonds will soon regret it. Before 2014, there was no trace of money given to political parties during elections. I introduced the electoral bonds. Thanks to the electoral bonds, we can now trace the source of funding. Nothing is perfect, imperfections can be addressed.”

When asked if he ever considered contesting elections from Tamil Nadu, the Prime Minister said he never imagined himself contesting elections nor does he have any ambition to become a politician. But fate brought him to where he is now.

On the slogans raised about the NDA winning 400 seats in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Prime Minister said it is the public’s decision.

“The people of the country have decided on ‘Mission 400’. Not me. People have woken up to the importance of political stability and the power of their voice,” Prime Minister Modi said.

“It is their voice that will feed the poor and empower them. It is their voice that will help in ‘Nari Shakti’. So it is the decision of the public,” he added.

There are 39 Lok Sabha constituencies in Tamil Nadu. The state will vote in a single phase of polling on April 19.

During the 2019 general elections, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam-led Secular Progressive Alliance, comprising INC, VCK, MDMK, CPI, CPI(M), IUML, MMK, KMDK, TVK and AIFB, registered a landslide victory by winning 38 of the elections to win. 39 seats.

Elections to 543 Lok Sabha seats in the country will be held in seven phases from April 19.

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