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Graphics cards have a weight problem, but the solution is simple – WhatsNew2Day


Graphics cards are getting bigger and bigger. And that makes it increasingly difficult. In some cases, this can lead to real problems with your hardware.

An example of this is Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti. The Youtuber KrisFix has tackled such a problem in an (English language) repair video.

Right at the beginning he identifies the high weight of the card as one of the problems. Because the same ensures that there is too high a load on the PCIe connection of the RTX 2080 Ti.

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The problem: The high load not only affects the PCIe connection itself. If it bends, this can also lead to brittle solder joints on the nearby RAM chips.

This makes the connection between the RAM chips and the graphics card board unstable, which can lead to artefacts in the image output or to error messages during operation.

The Youtuber also makes it clear that part of the load is cushioned by the screws at the rear end of the card. From a certain card weight, however, this is no longer enough to get the sagging under control.

The solution: a support pillar

Now the RTX 2080 Ti is not a small part, but compared to the top models of the RTX 3000 and 4000 series it is not a bolide either. So it can be assumed that newer high-end cards have to struggle even more with sagging PCIe connections and the resulting problems.

So what to do? The solution comes in the form of a support pillar. It is attached to the front end of the graphics card and is intended to ensure a more balanced weight distribution. The PCIe connection is thus relieved.

Various manufacturers now offer such support pillars. There would be CoolerMaster with the ARGB GPU Support Bracket, which you can buy for current cards. Galax even includes such a pillar with one of its RTX 4090 models. Of course, as befits gaming hardware, both models offer a decent amount of RGB lighting.

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Have you already noticed such a sagging with your graphics card? Do you perhaps already have such a pillar to anticipate the problem? Or have you found an alternative to fix the falling off? Let us know your tips, tricks, opinions and comments in the comments!

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