<pre><pre>Gordon Ramsay, 51, admits the use of his 18-year-old son's pants at the home university.

Gordon Ramsay, 51, admits wearing his 18-year-old son's pants at home after being "disemboweled" when they left him at the University of Exeter

Alisha Rouse for the daily mail

The day your children finally leave home and leave for college can be emotional for any parent.

But television chef Gordon Ramsay has found a novel approach to dealing with his empty nest.

The 51-year-old man admitted that he was so heartbroken by his 18-year-old son Jack, who was going to the University of Exeter that he found himself sitting in his son's room and trying on his clothes.

"I went up to Jack's room last weekend and opened the door," he told a chat program in the United States. "Your socks and pants are there, and five minutes later I'm using them.

"It's the same size, all of mine were in the bloody bathroom, so I thought Jack had cut his bloody pants again, come down and look up in his drawer, so I put them on and sat on the bed thinking, "Damn friend, I miss you." Seriously. & # 39;

Jack's twin sister, Holly, who studies in London, has also gone to college, leaving her father feeling "lost" and "disconsolate."

The star, who has four children with his wife of 22 years, Tana, 44, said he misses the couple and now expects his youngest daughter, Matilda, 16, stay at home until he turns 25 . The couple's oldest daughter, Megan, 20, is studying psychology at the University of Oxford Brookes.