Get A High End Look Through These Simple Clothes

We all admire our favourite celebrities. We want to follow their style the way they walk how they dress, but it’s all too expensive. We are discussing here how we can look stylish without spending thousands of bucks? Yes, it is possible to look trendy with spending a few bucks only you do not have to spend all your money on branded clothes instead purchase good quality fabric and style your clothes. There are many online websites that can help you in styling your clothes, such as EBANDIVE.

All you need to do is plan your wardrobe, mix and match your stuff but it requires time.

In this article, we are discussing a few simple techniques which can get you a high-end look:


  • Do not keep things which do not fit you:


We all have some clothes hanging in our wardrobe which do not fit us because of the weight gain. All you have to do is de-clutter those clothes give it to some friends or family who can utilize them, or you can give them to charity as well. The point is to stop keep them in your wardrobe. You must have those clothes only which you can use it. Also, do not buy those clothes which are not your size. Buy your size clothes. Be realistic while de-cluttering the clothes and donate the ones which are not your size.


  •   Different Textures In Dresses:


The different textures of clothing material into your dress, will not only give you a different look but also makes the dress look elegant; moreover silk, denim, and other flair material will also give an exceptional look that will affect your personality. Try not to create a complex look, create a simple yet elegant look which you may carry easily.


  • Plan and buy things:


You have to do proper research before buying anything that looks for promotional offers, loyalty cards, and discounts. Also, check online websites for it as well so you can have a better idea about it. We would not recommend you buy things especially for one occasion try to utilize your prom, Christmas dresses otherwise it means that you have wasted a huge chunk of money on it. You can also borrow clothes from your friends and family members if you do not want to spend money. Buy more versatile dresses which you can wear on many occasions such as birthday parties or weddings. Buy different styles of clothes like frocks, bodysuits, and different colours of blouses, tees, skirts, jeans, and maxis. 


  • Buy coats and blazer which are trendy:


Coats and blazers play an important role in styling clothes. Buy the trendiest blazer or coat in a neutral tone of colour which you can pair with both formal and informal events and with different types of clothes like maxis, skirts, and denim jeans. Neutral tone coats and blazers can go with bright tones as well as neutral day time colours.  


  •  Accessorize your look:


You must accessorize your look with stylish bags, belts, and jewellery and headbands. Accessories play an important part while dressing upkeep this thing in your mind to cleverly use accessories; it will add oomph in your styling. Matching earrings will increase the charm of your personality. You must have a different size of bags for different needs to cater to. Like for office, you must have a medium size bag so you can put all important stuff in that your makeup, your notebook, pen, sunglasses, sunscreen, and even your homemade lunch. For meeting friends, you must carry a small stylish purse that has all the essentials you need.

You should have colourful ponytails and headbands which you can pair up with colourful frocks and maxis. 


  • Discovering new brands:


You can always look for new brands in town. Explore new websites and check their reviews. You can get discounted offers and new promotional deals. New brands are trying to gain customers so they can come up with good quality, new style with fewer prices.


  • Do not buy things because it’s in fashion:


There are many clothing styles which are trending, and all your friends are wearing them.  Similarly, there are many things which are in fashion, but it does not suit us. Do not buy such clothes which do not suit your style or your body shape. Always purchase things that look best on you, whether it’s in fashion or not. You must have your style of clothes.

  1. Your comfort comes first:

In order to choose the dresses, make sure to choose the dress that you can carry easily. Do not try to make yourself someone else, try to own yourself and work on the elements that will help you boost your confidence but also make you feel comfortable. To feel comfortable, it is very important to choose those clothes that are more comfortable for you to wear and also representing you. 

  1. Do not wash your clothes too often:

Stop washing your clothes too often. It’s a good thing if you want to look neat and clean but too much washing of clothes can fade the colours away, and they would look old and cheap. If you have some stains on your clothes, wash the spot, not the whole dress iron, and hang them in the closet.

11.Lace Work and Exchange your clothes

 Brands work on laces that give the clothes a trendy yet stylish look, so if you are searching clothes lookup for the shirts that have lacework with different patterns and plates on them, it creates an elegant look, does not choose those shirts with huge lacework as it will not give you a stylish look.  And if you like something from your friend’s wardrobe and she likes something from your wardrobe you can always exchange them with each other and have a different flair of it.

  1. 12Pay Attention to Every Detail of Your Clothes

Paying considerable attention to every detail of a dress plays a vital role in making an ordinary dress into an elegant dress.  Such details do not only result in making your dress attractive, but it also results in shaping your personality as well.  


Clothes represent your personality, but you do not have to spend too much money to look good you can look good by simply getting them stitched by a good tailor, accessorize your look with different jewellery and scarves. You can look good with stylish coats and blazers even swapping your clothes with your siblings and friends is a good option. You can always add different types of clothes to your closet.