See the elaborate and beautiful way my boyfriend proposed – even though he’s in jail: ‘Ladies, if he wanted to, he would!’

A man’s lavish marriage proposal has raised eyebrows after he popped the question while behind bars.

The boyfriend managed to organize an extravagant proposal with thousands of white roses and flowers, but had to make video calls from his prison cell.

The American man is a rapper known as Yatta Don DaDa CLK HitMan, who is reportedly in the middle of a twelve-year prison sentence.

His now fiancée, Isabelle, didn’t seem to mind that her soulmate couldn’t get down on one knee in front of her and accepted his offer.

The events company that arranged the setup, Blooming Events Co., based in California, shared a video of the special moment that shocked millions.

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A US rapper named Yatta Don DaDa CLK HitMan has shocked millions with the extravagant proposal he came up with for his girlfriend Isabelle behind bars

‘DEFINITION OF IF HE WANTED, THEN HE WANTED!!! matter the distance, he still made it happen,” the clip captioned.

On the river bank was a love heart-shaped gazebo covered in white roses, a small aisle full of petals and tulips, candles, a rung made of money and a huge light sign that read ‘Marry Me’, as well as a TV screen where the man had registered.

A violinist played romantic tunes during the man’s speech and firecrackers went off as the woman accepted her incarcerated lover’s proposal.

The proposal video has been circulating online and has been viewed more than 3.4 million times.

Many viewers were very impressed with the inmate’s efforts, but others weren’t so sure.

“I can’t even get a date,” said one singleton.

“He really has gone from prisoner to lovebird,” another joked.

“This is the perfect embodiment of ‘IF HE WILL, HE WILL!!!!'” wrote a third.

“The reddest green flag I’ve ever seen,” one woman said, and another woman agreed, “I’m torn between ‘if he wanted to, he would’ and ‘HE’S IN PRISON.’

‘I’m single, normally things like this would make me cry, but from prison? No, I’m good at this,” someone added.

Yatta shared a video of the proposal on his Instagram and wrote a heartfelt message to his fiancée.

“Now I get to get married and start my life with the person I love, and I get to start a new chapter and have you as my supportive partner,” he wrote.

“I have never felt this kind of genuine love and support from anyone in my life except my grandmother. No one really loved me as much as you have a baby, and for that reason I decided to never let you go.”

He continues to call Isabelle his “partner in crime until death do them part” and promises to be a husband she “wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.”

‘I’ll stay by your side through it all, no matter what baby, you deserve the best partner in the world because no one goes as fast as you no one! I love you, my wife, my life partner, my best friend

People were curious to know how Yatta managed to set up the proposal from behind bars.

The event planner of Blooming Events Co. cleared up some of the confusion by explaining that Isabelle’s best friend contacted her on Yatta’s behalf.

‘Coordinating and planning took about three and a half weeks. My client definitely wanted to make it special and memorable for her, so he was involved in the entire planning process,” she said.

“Everyone there was super cool and we really had a great time setting this up and making it happen and it was beautiful to see.”