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Former talent reveals: “Was played for a fool by Bayern”


He was captain of Bayern Munich’s second team and trained in Munich under Erik ten Hag. Nevertheless, it was not enough for Riccardo Basta to have a career as a professional footballer. Now the 27-year-old raises serious allegations against the German record champions.

Riccardo Basta has no doubt that he had what it takes to be a professional soccer player. From 2014 to 2017, the 27-year-old was on the ball for Bayern Munich II. But the biggest club in Germany is said to have put obstacles in his way.

“After all, every child dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. And I was very close to this dream at Bayern,” said Basta in an interview with “Sport1” – and then chose clear words: “But I was fooled by Bayern. I was given false promises made.”

Basta, who played with Julian Green and Gianluca Gaudino, among others, also named names. One of them: Ex-national player Matthias Sammer, who was sporting director at FC Bayern from 2012 to 2016 and has been working as an external consultant at Borussia Dortmund since 2018.

Ex-Bayern talent shoots against Sammer and Erik ten Hag

“After my first contract extension, he told me that they were counting on me and were planning absolutely with me,” the midfield talent recalled from an appointment in Sammer’s office.

“Sammer wanted me to be a link between the first and second team. I should also be in the squad from time to time. Of course I thought that was great,” Basta continued: “But at the end of the day none of that happened.” Only “from time to time” did he train with the pros, the ex-FCB talent explained.

Another name that stood in Basta’s way was Erik ten Hag. Today’s Manchester United coach was coach of the second Bayern team from 2013 to 2015.

“I had a concrete loan offer from abroad, but FC Bayern denied me this chance. Ten Hag,” said Basta, who now plays for VfB Garching in the Bayernliga, about his second of three years under contract with the people of Munich.

He also “frequently clashed” with ten Hag, as he reveals: “He was almost like a dictator. He had a plan and we players had to follow it. Personally, I didn’t have a good bond with ten Hag.”

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