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Feud In IOA: 9 EC Members Ask ‘Unauthorised Persons’ Not To Enter Headquarters | Other Sports News

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Feud In IOA: 9 EC Members Ask 'Unauthorised Persons' Not To Enter Headquarters | Other Sports News

The internal feud within the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) took a new twist on Friday when nine members of the executive council asked “unauthorized persons” not to enter the headquarters in a message addressed to two recently appointed officials. The notice was posted at the IOA office building on Tuesday following a meeting of nine members of the executive council. IOA president PT Usha and most members of the executive council have been at loggerheads since the appointment of Raghuram Iyer as CEO on January 6. Iyer was previously CEO of Indian Premier League club Rajasthan Royals.

“This notice has been issued to advise that unauthorized persons are not allowed to enter the IOA building/offices,” read the notice, signed by nine members of the executive council.

“It has come to the attention of councilors that unapproved/dismissed staff are entering and occupying the offices, which is illegal and amounts to trespass,” the report said.

The notice was signed by Senior Vice President Ajay Patel, Vice Presidents Rajlakshmi Singh Deo and Gagan Narang, Treasurer Sahdev Yadav and Members Dola Banerjee, Harpal Singh, Yogeshwar Dutt, Amitabh Sharma and Bhupinder Singh Bajwa.

It is learned that Usha is currently out of town although she has been informed about the development.

Just a few days after Iyer was appointed CEO, 12 of the 15 EC members alleged that Usha was “putting pressure on them” to pave the way for his appointment, an accusation the legendary athlete described as “embarrassing”.

In February, a majority of EC members claimed they had signed a suspension order annulling Iyer’s appointment. The EC members claimed that they had also withdrawn the appointment of Ajay Narang as Executive Assistant to the IOA President.

However, Iyer and Narang had discharged their official duties since being brought on board by Usha, who maintained that she had full confidence in the newly appointed CEO and there was no going back on the decision to hire him.

She also claimed that she had not received any communication from the board members about the reported suspension of the CEO.

The CEO’s salary, which stands at Rs 20 lakh per month plus allowances (total CTC of around Rs 3 crore per annum), is at the center of the feud between Usha and a majority of EC members, who have alleged that the IOA president decided the issue “unilaterally”.

Responding to the allegations, Usha said the CEO appointment was discussed at length during the EC meeting (in January) and a majority of members present “endorsed” it.

She said most EC members had recommended a renegotiation of the fixed remuneration for the CEO, citing a lack of funding at the IOA and that it had been “reduced by more than 30 percent from the previously agreed remuneration”.

Usha also warned the EC members that the International Olympic Committee could intervene and suspend India if they continue to behave defiantly.

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