Ebay will execute a sex ban from June 15


If you’re hoping to make a dollar off that extremely explicit hentai you picked up in college, you’re not selling it on eBay. First noticed by Adult Video News, eBay bans the sale of most sexually explicit materials starting June 15, 2021.

Everyone has a different definition of what is “sexually explicit” and eBay’s is extremely PG. While the policy is confusing in that it appears to confuse nudity and sexually explicit content, nudity is carefully defined as ‘showing part of male or female genitalia, anus or female breasts where the areola or nipple is visible’. It goes on to say that those same pieces don’t get a pass when covered with see-through material or constrained by tight clothing. The policy also classifies “people who engage in sexual contact or activity” as nudity.

It goes on to say “most adult only items are prohibited” and includes “sexually explicit anime, comics, books, movies, animations, manga, hentai, yaoi” as one of the things considered adult only.

The policy, as written, appears to be selling Game of Thrones, true “sex positionWas all the rage, just like movies Blue is the warmest color. Your favorite novel would be safe (pictures, not words, seem to be the problem) but Alan Moore’s epic comic book collection Lost girls, where Wendy of Peter Pan and Dorothy come from The Wizard of Oz just really going on more pages than I wanted to see personally wouldn’t. Explicit comics, manga, hentai and yaoi, which a pedant could say are all the same, would also be banned under the new policy.

The policy does provide for an exemption for Playboy, Playgirl, Mayfair, and Penthouse. Tasteful nude photos sold in the art department are also allowed, provided poses are acceptable and there are no sexual acts. What that means for prints of any version of Leda and the Swan is up to eBay. The same would probably hold true for complete works by Katsushika Hokusai. The artist is best known for his woodcut series featuring Mount Fuji, but was also known for his extremely explicit eroticism in woodblock print – including one of the earliest examples of “tentacle porn”.

Sex toys in unopened packaging are still allowed, provided the packaging is not sexually explicit.

Censorship, even in a relatively open market like eBay, is a notoriously tricky business. When Tumblr tried to tackle its porn problem in 2018, it saw traffic take a nosedive as horny users went elsewhere. Ebay told Vice that this new ban was in the interest of safety. Banning all adult content should make it more difficult for bad actors to monetize revenge porn or other content published without the consent of all participants.

When reached for comment, eBay said The edge:

eBay is committed to maintaining a safe and trusted marketplace. As of June 15, 2021, items with sexual content or sexually suggestive poses will no longer be allowed on eBay.com. The “Everything Else> Adults Only” is no longer available as a category. No new ads are allowed in the Adult Only category and ads that are discontinued until cancellation will be closed on the renewal date.