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Development Team: Adding a co-op mode to Spider-Man 2 that we didn’t plan from the beginning.. | -WhatsNew2Day


With two characters in Spider-Man 2, the community thought we’d see a co-op mode. But the development team, Insomniac Games, confirmed that this phase was not planned from the beginning and that the game is completely linear.

Spider-Man 2 got a great gameplay preview a week ago at the PlayStation Showcase event. Where we were able to see the mechanism of switching between the character of “Peter Parker” and the character of “Miles”. After that, it became clear that the community of players would not control this mechanism in the story mode, but rather in the open world, it would be easy with just one click of a button.

As mentioned in an article about the game on The Washington PostThe developer team noted that the co-op mode was “never thought of” for the game. After speaking with creative director Bryan Intihar, he explained how the studio had always considered a sequel as a standalone title and talked about the initial difficulties that would have come from having to design a co-op game. where he said:

From day one, we’ve always said we want to create a single player experience. There are a lot of great co-op games out there, but we wanted to tell the story of two spider heroes. You have to make some big decisions, whether it’s design decisions or technical decisions for something like co-op.

Telling a story about two spiders explains why the game has two characters, and the team is very confident in their idea which they implemented very well. It is reported that in previous news, the director revealed more details about the game that you can follow here, such as the size of the map, the dark side of the characters, and more.

Brian also said that there are three types of skill tree in the game. One for Peter, another for Miles, and the last one for the two characters together. This shows us that the game will be huge, especially since its map will be twice the size of the map of the previous two parts.

Spider-Man 2 is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 5 this fall 2023, without obtaining a specific launch date until the moment of writing this report.

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