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Crazy Viral: RRR Director SS Rajamouli Danced To Andamaina Premarani With Wife Rama

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Crazy Viral: RRR director SS Rajamouli danced to Andamaina Premarani with wife Rama

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SS Rajamouli never misses an opportunity to grab the attention of the internet. A video of the filmmaker and his wife Rama Rajamouli dancing with excitement is currently going viral on social media. In the clip, the couple is seen standing on a beautifully decorated stage, dancing on the track Andamaina Premarani. The song is from the 1994 film Premikudu, with Prabhu Deva and Nagma. In the viral video, SS Rajamouli is dressed in a black shirt and jeans while his wife wears a saree. Both set some goals with their sharp dance moves. The caption of the video reads: “Director SS Rajamouli and his wife groove to the beats of beautiful melodies.

A few days ago, SS Rajamouli and his wife, Rama Rajamouli, traveled to Japan for a special screening of RRR. During their visit, they received a surprise from an 83-year-old Japanese fan. The elderly woman presented them with 1,000 intricately folded origami cranes, symbolizing wishes for good luck and blessings. SS Rajamouli shared this touching moment on social media and posted pictures of himself, his wife and the Japanese lady. The director expressed his gratitude in his caption, writing, “In Japan they make origami cranes and gift them to their loved ones for luck and health. This 83 year old woman made a thousand of them to bless us RRR made her happy. She just sent the gift and was waiting outside in the cold.”

During the same trip to Japan, SS Rajamouli shared some details about his upcoming project with Mahesh Babu. In a video shared by a fan page on We have completed the writing. We are in the pre-production process. We do all the pre-visualization for the film. But we’re not done with the casting yet. Only the main hero, the main character of the film, is locked up. His name is Mahesh Babu. He is a Telugu actor.

The audience responds with applause when SS Rajamouli mentions Mahesh Babu’s name. The director continues, “It seems like many of you already know him. He is very handsome and hopefully we can finish the movie a little quickly. During the release I will bring him here. And I will introduce him to you and I am sure you will love him too.’

The note on the video read: “SSR over #SSMB29 We’ve finished writing and are now in pre-production. Only the main character Superstar Mahesh Babu has been confirmed and he is incredibly handsome. Hoping to speed up the filming process and get it to us for promotion during release.”

SS Rajamouli has directed several blockbuster films such as RRR, Baahubali, Maryada Ramanna, And Vikramarkudu.

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