Cosmetic doctor Dr Yalda Jamali shares the skincare mistakes we're ALL making

The cosmetic doctor shares the skincare mistakes we ALL make, including switching products too quickly and forgetting SPF, and how to fix them.

  • Dr. Yalda Jamali, 31, is an aesthetic physician and skin consultant at Skin Proud.
  • She has noticed three main skincare ‘mistakes’ she sees her clients make
  • They exfoliate too often, don’t use SPF, and change their routine too often.

An aesthetic doctor has shared the three skincare mistakes we’re all making when it comes to how we apply our products—and how often—and the “essentials” you should be spending your hard-earned money on.

Dr. Yalda Jamali is an aesthetic physician and skin consultant with proud skinand sees a large number of patients who accidentally damage their skin barrier by exfoliating too often, not applying the right amount of SPF, and changing routines too often.

The 31-year-old Sydney-based doctor told FEMAIL there’s a simple way to avoid making these mistakes, but first it’s important to acknowledge that you’re making them.

Dr. Yalda Jamali is a cosmetic physician and skin consultant at Skin Proud, seeing a large number of patients who accidentally damage the skin barrier.


These include scrubs and are generally too harsh, especially for general use.

“There are many great chemical exfoliants on the market today including AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs that exfoliate without compromising the skin barrier as much if used correctly,” explained Dr. Yalda.

“You certainly don’t want to use both a mechanical and a chemical exfoliator.”


Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.

Not only is it important to apply sunscreen every morning before you leave the house, it should also be reapplied every few hours over your makeup.

“This is most important in the summer months when you live in a country like Australia,” said Dr. Yalda.

One teaspoon is required for the face and neck each time it is applied.

Skin Proud Uses Gentle Yet Active Ingredients To Help Celebrate Natural Skin.

Skin Proud uses gentle yet active ingredients to help celebrate natural skin.


We need to give products enough time to see if they are ‘working’ for our skin or not.

“With so many skin care products on the market, I can see why this can be a challenge,” she said.

“But cutting and changing our routine too often will make it impossible to see which product works best for us and may even put our skin barrier at risk.”

If you are new to skin care, you want to start with a few products and work your way up slowly.



1. Cleanse (Skin Proud Velvet Cloud Cleanser)

2. Antioxidant serum with ingredients like vitamin C or niacinamide (Skin Proud Bright Boost serum could be a great fit here if your skin likes vitamin C)

3. Moisturizing if you have normal to dry skin

4. And finally FPS


1. Double cleanse if you wear makeup, I prefer to use an oil based cleanser first

2. Tone (Skin Proud Detox Tonic)

3. Retinoid-based products (like Skin Proud Recharge serum)

4. Moisturizing

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Dr. Yalda recommends splurging on skin care that contains the active ingredients that matter most to you and your skin.

These typically include retinoids, vitamin C, and exfoliating acids.

“You can find very good, affordable alternatives to high-end cleansers and moisturizers at your local drugstore.”

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