Cleaning Hacks: Five DIY projects you can do to beautify your home

Cleaning Hacks: Five DIY projects you can do to beautify your home

The maintenance of a house often becomes a battle of wills. There are countless surfaces involved, where each has its pattern for accumulating mess. You may be facing a mountain of work while trying to keep your home pristine, but you need to remember that every mountain can be conquered!

If you are determined to get your home looking clean and tidy enough to give Martha Stewart a run for her money, then the fantastic world of DIY projects is all that you need!

Our team has delved into the depths of the internet universe to come up with some time-tested tricks to shoot down your cleaning time in half or even lesser than that. Here are a few tips that you cannot afford to miss!

Hire skip bins

Decluttering an entire house is a tedious task, but it needs to be done at some point in time! One of the best things you can do to declutter your home is to find rental skip bins. Whether you are planning to deep clean the house or planning to store unused items in the basement, then skip bins are an ideal container for the purpose. You can use the online service of Find Skip Bins to book skips according to the size and location all over the country. 

Set up a cleaning schedule

If you are trying to cut down the time required to clean the house, then you can start scheduling small episodes throughout the day or week. If you have a hectic schedule and you cannot go vacuuming across the house in the morning, then you can set a specific hour to get it done. 

Doing the dishes is challenging when you live alone. The dishes continue to keep piling up during the day, and you have to spend hours washing them. But did you know that there is an easy way out too? Wash the dishes immediately once you are done eating in them. If you don’t let the dishes sit for long, then they are easy to clean and don’t bug you for long either. 

Similarly, if you group similar tasks in your cleaning schedule, you can cut down the time very efficiently!

Get vinegar, forget worries.

Vinegar is the panacea to all housecleaning woes. There are hardly any surfaces in the house that cannot be cleaned with the solution of vinegar, water, and baking soda. From grease stains in the kitchen to the misted window sills, you can clean almost anything with this solution. 

Sell the stuff you don’t need

Do you feel like your style in décor and dressing has changed tremendously over the last few years? Do you feel like you could make a few changes in the house? Then you can quickly start sorting through your old stuff. Look for things that need to be kept, donated, or sold. Follow Marie Kondo’s method of finding joy, and you will soon find out what deserves a space in your home. 

If you have any old expensive furniture, art, or other items lying around the house out of use, then you can use any trusted online platform to sell your things. It’ll get you a few quick dollars that can be saved for a trip or even new interior decoration too!

Minimalism in terms of possessions can help you beautify the space. After all, the lesser the things, the easier it is to clean up! The goal here is to cut down the unnecessary mess. 

Involve the kids in the cleaning process

If you have kids, then you can teach them the values of housekeeping. Involve them in little tasks like putting the laundry away or taking the dishes to the kitchen. 

Starting from easy tasks, you can gradually delegate more significant tasks to the kids as well. Once they are old enough to either vacuum or start dusting their rooms, you can give them personal responsibility of cleaning up after themselves. Developing this habit early on will only have positive outcomes in the future!

Reposition the cleaning supplies within reach

Cleaning is hard because you have to reach for cleaning supplies at the bottom of the drawers. Usually, people store their cleaning supplies in a place where they cannot be seen. The lack of visibility leads to procrastination, and eventually, it creates a mess too big to be controlled. 

So if you reposition your cleaning supplies in visible spots, then you can ease the way for yourself. If the hideous packaging keeps you irritated, then you can use fancy dispensers for the dish soap and detergents, surface cleaning wipes and everything else. Keeping them in an aesthetically pleasing container will keep you motivated to clean the house more often!

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the house is not as complicated as we like to think. It just requires commitment and a little time every day! Once you establish a rhythm for your cleaning routine, then nothing will be able to stop you from having a home that resembles a photoshoot from Good Housekeeping!