Charlie Sheen desperately begs for information about father Martin who is fleeing from forest fires in Malibu

"Please let me know that they are safe and healthy in the midst of this horrible scenario." Charlie Sheen makes desperate plea after losing contact with father Martin and mother Janet fleeing wildfire in Malibu

  • Actor Charlie Sheen has placed the call for information on Friday night on Twitter
  • Said that his parents Martin and Janet Sheen had been out of contact during evacuation
  • They had to report to the assembly point on the Zuma beach in Malibu

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Actor Charlie Sheen has made a public appeal for information about his father and mother Martin and Janet Sheen, after he loses contact with them while they evict a wildfire in Malibu.

& # 39;[I] can not get a grip on my parents, Martin and Janet Sheen. they are in the group, on the stage near Zuma Beach, & Charlie Sheen tweeted complacently on Friday night.

Zuma Beach was a designated evacuation site for Malibu after the massive Woolsey Fire led to a city-wide evacuation.

Friday night the beach was full of smoke, which forced a photographer from to flee the area.

Charlie Sheen went on: "If someone is watching them, please let me know that they are safe and healthy in the midst of this gruesome scenario. & # 39;

The Woolsey Fire and the adjacent Hill Fire have resulted in more than 150,000 people being evacuated from 75,000 homes.

The fires in the Ventura and Los Angeles provinces have so far not been associated with deaths or injuries, but a simultaneous wildfire in Northern California, the Campfire, has killed nine.

At least 35 are also missing in the Campfire.

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