Brisbane AFLW star is slammed for very sneaky way of getting a free kick in crucial Richmond match

AFLW star’s VERY sneaky way to get a free kick in crucial game sees her accused of ‘elite s**thousery’ by stunned footy fans

Brisbane have escaped with a 5.9 (39) to 3.4 (22) win in the AFLW final against Richmond, but many Tigers fans are outraged by the Lions’ questionable play.

Brisbane booked their ticket to a preliminary home final after securing the 17-point win at Metricon Stadium, but a controversial piece of play from midfielder Sophie Conway angered Tigers supporters.

Brisbane’s Cathy Svarc earned a free kick for her side in the tight game for a quality follow-up, but what happened caused division among supporters.

Richmond’s Eilish Sheerin seemed to do the right thing and immediately handed the ball to Conway.

However, the midfielder refused to take the ball, dropped it to the ground and immediately called for – and was awarded – a free 50m march which led to a crucial goal.

Conway Is Seen Calling On The Umpires After Dropping The Ball Onto The Metricon Stadium Turf When Richmond'S Eilish Sheerin Tried To Pass Her The Ball For A Free Kick

Conway is seen calling on the umpires after dropping the ball onto the Metricon Stadium turf when Richmond’s Eilish Sheerin tried to pass her the ball for a free kick

“This is Sophie Conway’s elite s**thousery to earn a 50-yard penalty and a goal,” wrote one fan.

‘Love it. But it would be disgusting if it were the other way around,’ said another.

‘That’s a shame. Live it looked dodgy and scratched the head. When I saw it slow down, the referee had to be dumped and put back a level or 2.

Others couldn’t see the bright side of Conway’s game.

‘I don’t see the humor in this. Very unsportsmanlike and very unprofessional. That said, it’s probably happened in the AFL in the past and it’s been laughed at,” one supporter wrote.

While Conway was blasted by many for appearing to be manipulating the umpires to earn the call, she was actually right in her actions.

Sophie Conway (Left) And Isabel Dawes Celebrate During The Aflw Qualifying Final Game Between The Brisbane Lions And Richmond Tigers At Metricon Stadium On The Gold Coast

Sophie Conway (left) and Isabel Dawes celebrate during the AFLW Qualifying Final game between the Brisbane Lions and Richmond Tigers at Metricon Stadium on the Gold Coast

According to the rules, Sheerin should have passed or handed the ball to Svarc – who deserved the free kick.

Since she handed the ball to Conway instead, the 50-meter decision was correct.

“There are also so many people who don’t understand the rules and say the referee has fallen for it. What fell for? The Richmond player neglected his responsibility to pass the ball to the correct person. Clear penalty of 50 yards whether Sophie dropped the ball or called for it or not,” explained one fan.

“However you feel, the rule is that the ball must be returned directly to the player who has the free kick. Not through anyone else. Straight away! It’s hardly confusing,” wrote another.

Other fans felt that the punishment did not fit the crime.

“Just out of interest as I am a relatively recent AFL fan, what is the purpose of the rule? It seems really silly to me – as long as the ball goes back to the right team without delay, a 50-meter penalty seems ridiculously harsh,” one fan wrote.

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