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Boney Kapoor On Rumoured Feud With Brother Anil Kapoor: “Totally Absurd And Ridiculous”

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Boney Kapoor on rumored feud with brother Anil Kapoor: 'Totally absurd and ridiculous'

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New Delhi:

Boney Kapoor, who is eagerly awaiting the release of his next film Maidan, has finally broken his silence on his brother Anil Kapoor’s absence. No access follow-up. It so happened that recently in a conversation on Zoom, the producer-actor spoke about Anil Kapoor’s anger over the casting of the sequel to No Entry. He had said, “Before I could tell my brother Anil about the sequel of No Entry and the cast involved in it, he got angry because the news had already leaked. It was a shame that it had leaked. I know he wanted a part make up the film.” No Entry continued, but there was no room. I wanted to explain why I did what I did.’ He had also said, “During the trial, my brother is still not speaking properly. I hope everything will be sorted out soon.”

Now that the air has cleared, Boney Kapoor told Pinkvilla, “I am shocked and surprised that the press has made an issue of a very light-hearted and not very successful attempt at humor when I said, ‘Anil is angry with me’. The fact is the film I propose to make neither Salman (Khan) nor Anil as they are both very busy stars. So instead of thinking about making it with them I decided to make the sequel with a younger generation To think that any of them could be mad at me for not being part of the No Entry sequel is a completely absurd and ridiculous idea. They may have needed the No Entry sequel, but they have the sequel no need. This comment was clearly said only in humor.”

Boney added: “I know Anil has no data available at all for the next two years. Nevertheless, since my comment has been given a serious interpretation, I must clarify that I did not mean it seriously for a moment; version of this innocuous comment has reached Anil, which may have upset him, I will talk to my brother and clarify. We both grew closer in the film industry, have been there for each other at every crucial moment and this will never change”.

About the sequel to No Entry, Boney Kapoor recently confirmed that Varun Dhawan, Diljit Dosanjh and Arjun Kapoor will be appearing in the sequel to the hit comedy. Anees Bazmee, who directed the 2005 film starring Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Fardeen Khan, returns for the sequel. The original stars will not appear in the new film.

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