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Avinash Sachdev Reveals Why He Unfollowed Rumoured Girlfriend Falaq Naaz On Instagram: “I Felt Somebody…”

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Avinash Sachdev reveals why he unfollowed rumored girlfriend Falaq Naaz on Instagram: 'I felt someone...'


Avinash Sachdev and Falaq Naaz pictured in Mumbai.

New Delhi:

Bigg Boss OTT 2 Avinash Sachdev fame is in the news again. The actor, known for his role in the reality show alongside Abhishek Malhan, Jiya Shankar, Elvish Yadav, Manisha Rani and others, shared a close bond with Falaq Naaz. However, Avinash Sachdev recently unfollowed Falaq Naaz on Instagram, leaving many confused. Avinash Sachdev and Falaq Naaz had previously sparked dating rumors due to their close relationship. While other contestants of the show dismissed the romantic speculations, Avinash Sachdev and Falaq Naaz kept the fans intrigued by admitting their mutual fondness for each other.

Amid the ongoing buzz, fans were surprised when Avinash Sachdev deleted Falaq Naaz from his Instagram profile. Several screenshots of Avinash Sachdev’s profile circulated online, showing Falaq Naaz being deleted. This unexpected move left many surprised. However, Avinash later discussed the issue in an interview with Pinkvilla. When asked about the non-follow incident, Avinash explained that it was due to an internet outage. He stated that he unexpectedly logged out of his Instagram account because he suspected it might have been hacked. Avinash assured that the issue has been resolved and his account is safe.

Speaking to Pinkvilla, he said, “It was just an internet glitch. I suddenly got logged out of my account. I felt someone else had hacked it and logged in. However, the issue has now been resolved and I have my account back. Aisa kuch nahi hai. Log in ko kaam nahi hai kuch.” Falaq Naaz also clarified the situation when contacted by India Forums and said, “It was just a technical issue. I am still following Avinash. There are no issues between us.”

In an earlier interview with Pinkvilla, the duo confessed their admiration but said they had to take it easy. Avinash said, “I can’t outright deny it or confirm it because it’s not that simple. I also don’t completely agree with it because it’s not that simple. Our connection started in Bigg Boss and is evolving. Though I won’t deny I personally hesitate to label it as a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.”

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